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Pete and Laz
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Show time...Part Two

One for Hazel, of the pink blog....

With this mileage, could the rings even be fully seated in...? If I had a spare 6500, I'd be very tempted...

Cafe GL's seem to be a new craze....really? Wouldn't mind having a stock early 'Wing'...

Another one for Iain, snuck an Italian in....

A lightly customized early CL 350

And a lightly customized CL 72 (305)

Honda 350's are actually 325 cc's, so there is only about 20 cc's difference in capacity 'tween the  CL 72 and the CL 350. Always had a soft spot for the 305 bikes. When I bought my first bike, a '69 CL175 twin, they were still selling Superhawks, CL 305's and the Dream's. The earlier bikes had camshafts that ran in ball bearings. It seems as if Honda at this time began figuring out ways to produce bike's quicker and more cheaply. And of course Laverda people probably hate to hear this, but these 305's sure seem to have been a real influence on those early Laverda twins...

A custom CL 160....or? Looks like they might be running a later 175 top end (saw this one again today, and it's a 175)'s possible to mix and match a lot of 160, 175, and 200 twin stuff. And the rods are the same as the ones in Honda 90 singles.

Something for everyone, even a tank for a 'Honyamsuzhodakaw'...

One for GBC, a 1960 Triumph Cub with matching numbers...

I've been looking for an engine for my Cub project. I bought this one it looks like I now have two Cub projects...and I'm looking for another motor now.....?? Sometimes my best British scores are, 
at Japanese shows...

As I tediously load pics here, I'm thinking I need to open a Flicker account or something similar...have a bunch of pics, but it's sort of impractical to put all of them here...maybe I'll do that sometime.

A pretty red original 1970 CB 750, parked in front of a fantastic looking old Studebaker pick up.

This chap, from Australia originally, with his immaculate Kawa 250 Triple. built in honor of his late brother. He cracked me up. 'Accent? I'm the only one round here without an accent' he quips.

A Hodaka Road Toad, I used to work on the original Ace 90's and 100's with the chrome 'toaster' tanks.

Couple of Tohatsu's

And there are groups and clubs for Tohatsu

A 50's Allstate, sold by Sears and Roebucks

A 1931 Indian 101 Scout

Belonging to a classic insurance vendor. Got to see this running, sounded so nice.

Nice line up of Classic Hondas

And another...

The factory roadracer early Benly 125 Honda twin.

Close up the tank, its made of aluminum.

Think we will end this post with several shots of this little fella again...

Next time, competition bikes, dirt bikes, 'Cafe bikes', 'Street trackers' and other assorted stuff....


  1. Neat, neat, neat mate, so much nice stuff, never seen so many early Jap small bikes in my life, know bugger all about Tohatsu at all, must do some research . . . very cool shit Laz, look forwar to the next installment . . . never sighted a Road Toad in the flesh, I think we might have only got the Wombat and Combat Wombat out here, dang, more research required !!

  2. A buddy of mind did that to an old GL. I call it the 900 lb. Cafe Racer.

    Lots of nice wheels there.