Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sacramento Mile 2013....On any Sunday, well...make that a Saturday.

Sammy Halbert , as Sideburn magazine says "...He's living the On Any Sunday-making-a-living-from-prize-money life in the 21st century. A whiskey drinking scrapper too. the man's something special."

Sammy's my favorite Pro flat tracker. At his Facebook page is a pic of Mert Lawill and Bruce Brown with him...he makes Mert look tall. One strong, scrapping dude wrestling that XR around the track. He makes it look easy, but it's not...

Sammy, in the 'paddock' as the announcers have taken to calling the 'pit area', come on y'all we're 'mericans here...sheeesh quit tryin' to be so 'continen-tal'...hehe.. Really like Sammy, he's down to earth, cool, calm collected....but man, on the track...even his bike sounds meaner than everyone elses...I swear...

Sammy came in fifth in the main. It was a real battle between the top 5. Sammy was running second at one point. They were really racing. Sammy made a great save towards the end of the race, hope to see some video of that. He's doing really well for having missed some races due to an injury and recovery time. These guys are tough.  

Sammy's XR

The track looking towards turn one...picture doing about 130 MPH here and thinking about pitching it sideways in a few seconds...

Looking down the straight towards turn 4, the track groomer getting it ready for the main events...

I'm going to get back and add a few more comments...finish off here with a couple blurry shots...and I'll add a few videos later...they are tedious to put on here.

A blurry shot of Shayna Texter, winner of the Pro Singles, taking the checkered flag for a lap...the gal is fast!!

And even blurrier shot of Bryan Smith, three in a roll Sacramento Mile winner taking the flag for a lap.

Yeah, it's looking like I'll be breaking this into a 2 parter...didn't take half as many shots as last year...due to some equipment malfunctions and a not so functioning photographer, but still a lot of pics to sort, decisions to be made...wrestling with uploads/downloads and all the usual computer back with some more...


  1. Neat! Good sharing. Sammy is HERO. Cheers to Sideburn for internet networking instagaying blogtastic galactica finding me another interesting peep on the net!

  2. And your exploits, '747', particularly on Pikes Peak are quite into the Heroic zone! Still working on getting some videos uploaded, not the best quality, but a peek at the Mile here in Sactown. Don Emde , just shared some video on Facebook of highlights of the really close GNC racing at Cal Expo.

  3. Awesome stuff mate, love the role reversal re 'paddock' lingo, touche !!! Nice insight on Mr Halbert, know very little about the bloke outside of what he does on the track . . . as for Mr 747, big cojones buddy, kudos.

    1. Was a hoot hanging out in the 'paddock , when it was over I drove back home over the 'Tarmac'...c'mon now 'mericans...keep it simple!
      Got some car pics too, there was a mini car show out front of the stadium, I'll post those later...the video posting has wore me out with 'puter's for awhile.'