Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's thursday, in the US, it's Thanksgiving day...

Got a 10 day stretch off from work, it's cold and damp so far. But the weather is looking up, no rain for several days in the latest forecast. Maybe I'll head up to the mountains, and with any luck find some ski-able snow.....but for now it's headed in the other direction to the Monterey area for Thanksgiving...

                           Where I'd like to be....Chipmonk Ridge ,near Loon Lake California.
                            Maybe later in the week...

                              In a few hours I'll be on Interstate 5, heading to the coast.
                              Hopefully a little sunnier than in this shot....

Been having a good time trying to organize my tools, parts and projects....all neglected for too long.

                              Got one of these in the garage, sorry about the out of focus pic.
                              Mine has a long way to go before it looks like this again.
                              Known as a 'Rocket' or 'Spitfire' Scrambler depending on the year.
                              Then I believe BSA confused the issue by using the 'Spitfire' name
                              during the Unit construction era... 

                              Been gathering up what cub parts I have, to mock up a Trials
                              build. This bike is close to what I'd like, minus the lighting bits.
                              Anyone out there got an engine for sale?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012 P-61 Reconnissance Aircraft Version (AKA F-15, and RF-61)

A Northrop RF-61 ,click here for a link to Wikipedia article------------>P-61 Article

Veteran's day again. Thinking about my departed father and his still living brother and their service in the US military. The pic above I posted last year. Some Sgt. stripes my father wore. The round patch was off of one of his bags. The matchbook from the base in California he retired out of.
My father started his service at the end of WW2 , serving as part of the Japan occupation, and also serving in Korea and Viet Nam. He was in Photo Reconaissance.
My Uncle who lives in Canada was in artillery during WW2 and was part of the D-Day invasion. When I see him at Christmas, if he doesn't mind I'd like to talk about that time. He's about 85 I believe, and still driving.

While searching the web for pictures I found this site, Click here---------->P61 Restoration

An amazing group of aircraft enthusiasts and craftsmen in Pennsylvania, have recovered a wrecked lo-air miles P-61 from a mountain top in New Guinea. They are nearing a complete restoration of the a flying condition. A pretty amazing story, check it out. They are using parts from a P-61 that was being used as a fire fighting plane in California, until it suffered a 'hard landing', and it was decided not to rebuild it.

My father talked about how the time he spent in the P-61 (aka F-15 or later as the RF-61) as being one of the high points of his military career, and probably one of the more exciting and dangerous times. Not that there were not other exciting or dangerous times. He really didn't speak about it much, because for a long time this was all still classified stuff you didn't talk about. I'm finding all kinds of interesting articles on the web now.

Here's to all who served in the services, past, present and future.

Here are some links to other WW2 aircraft that have been found.
Two links about a P-38 found deep under the ice in Greenland, and dubbed 'Glacier Girl'
Click here-------->P-38 found in ice    and click here--------->'Glacier Girl'

Click here for----------->P-40 found in Sahara desert

Friday, November 2, 2012

It was a dark and drizzley night.... the neighborhood. Halloween night. A little Bee and her Mama and Dada were looking for something....something called 'Punkins'....
As they walked along the streets of the neighborhood they spotted some strange glowing orange orbs.....

Hee hee heee.....

Whoooooooo are you....?

I see

Meeeeowww, meooooww....

Wake up Frankie....

Here comes the sun...good morning....

Here's the little Bee....

And here are some punkins that the little Bee's Mama carved....Owl and the Pussy Cat.

A well known train....

Known as Thomas.

It was the little Bee's first Halloween trick or treating.   And a good time was had by all....the end.