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Pete and Laz
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Show Time...

Here's one for 'WLP'....the Scrambler version of his 125SS

A couple days ago I got a call from my friend Alfonso saying it was time for the yearly CJMC (Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club) show and swap meet. It's a two day weekend swap with the show on Sunday. (not to be confused with the VJMC or Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club...which I always do...). This show is up in the hills above the Sacramento valley in the 'Gold Rush' town of Auburn California. It has been here for a number of years at the Auburn fairgrounds. It used to be at Squaw Valley for many years and then at Northshore Tahoe for awhile. I always preferred those locations because it got you out of the heat. Today in Auburn it was muggy hot, as hot as the valley, we've been enjoying a little heat wave in Californny.

A couple of nicely restored Honda CL 350's for Norman and Iain over in Scotland.

A nice old unrestored Case tractor for Hermit

Also for Hermit, the great grandfather of his V-Strom, a 1955 Colleda (later to become Suzuki) 

I know Olivia Banana wants the little sidecar racer, she could carry her skateboard on the platform..hehehe

Here's one for KustomJeff and his chopper riding crew, a really long Kawa chopper.

These pics were taken with my cel phone and I believe are a higher resolution than my aging Kodak digi-cam. I took 72 pics today, and will be taking more tomorrow. There will probably be a few more vendors and of course the rest of the show bikes. So I'll post one more pic of my score of the day at the Japanese swap meet. I picked up some fork seals, exhaust sealing rings, and spark plug caps...oh yeah and a cylinder head for a 350 Honda, more on that stuff later.

'The score', a tank for my pre unit BSA 650 Scrambler.

It's a slightly later model than my bike, with the 'pear' shaped badges vs. the earlier round badges. I'll run this tank until I can afford to restore the original tank. The original needs re-chroming, and replacement badges. Got this tank for about half of what that job will cost me. Paid 200 dollars for it, which was a pretty good deal for it's condition.It's funny, I've got some of my better British stuff at Japanese swaps, and some good Japanese stuff at British swaps. I found a rare early CB 750 triple tree that was on a Triumph frame of all things. Funny how that works sometimes...

More Classic Japanese coming up next time.


  1. Laz, you rock !!! Chock full of goodness here my man, the little SC 125 is stunning and so cool, as is the pair of CL's, and the Colleda is wonderful, the first example I've ever seen outside a book, and the mini outfit is wicked . . . then to see you jagged the Beezer tank for good money, so stoked for you man, I always thought the 'pear' shape was the coolest of the lot . . . and the Big 'M' Matchy with the red inlay . . . anyhoo mate, killer post and congrats on the score !!!

  2. Col stuff, man. The tank looks nearly flawless.

    Very sparkly.