Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Friday, July 12, 2013

CJMC show part 3

This will be, 'competition' bikes.  An interesting double-engined Honda 450 (now a 900)

Another angle.

Once more from the other side, fronting a row of racers.

Several Yamahas

I did not get the skinny on this bike, and was also unsuccessful with an internet search...

Did find stuff about Pat Hennen on other Suzukis...

Any one out there know about this bike...?

Interesting Yammy

Some homebuilt Honda mini roadracers

That nicely restored alloy tanked 125 twin racer

An unrestored version with pic from it's glory days at the track...
(somewhere I have a better view of that pic from a previous show...see if I can locate that...probably on a hard drive of one of my dead computers...)

Road racing version of the Retro DOHC 50 cc

Street going version of the DOHC 50

A CX 500 Bnneville salt flats bike, this was started up and was incredibly loud with it's straight through megga...

Looks like I'll do a 'Part 4' for the CJMC show, which will be coming up shortly after a brief posting on the Cub....and progress made on it...


  1. Good stuff Laz, little Suzi is an oddball indeed, looks like it may be from the Wolf/Stinger family judging by engine layout, let me know how you go in the search.