Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Triumph 650 projects...Words, no pics

Have decided to start in with a 1957 single carb Pre-unit 650, and a 1966 single-carb  unit construction 650. Two different takes of a similar type. The 1966 bike was bought as a "running" nearly complete bike. The 57 will be a conglomeration of two basket cases, and a lot of other parts thrown into the mix. Bought the '66 in the  late seventies. One of the basket pre-units... I traded a running Honda 90 for in the early 70's. The second was purchased about 8 or 9 years ago...and was horribly "chopped.". The '66 had the rear frame loop chopped and a rediculously heavy and long "sissy-bar" welded in. The tank had a blue candy colored Lace over pearl base...shorty mufflers...hmmmm..just lovely. I wish I'd snapped a pic of it for posterity, but alas. It was promptly dismantled and has sat boxed up since. The engine did run, but the cams and followers had seen better days. The '57 was a full weld-on hardtail, peanut tanked, cobra seat...chromed this and that "beauty"...   Both of these bikes were like ones I worked on when I was earning my keep as a mechanic. We usually refered to them as "Sloppers". In case I've offended any chopper fans, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the style and era. I've kept all the takeoffs and may some day put together a little "chop". Being a tall feller, I never fit most of the chops I worked on. I think it will be interesting to compare and contrast both bikes.
    So, the '66 will probably be built stock. The '57 mostly stock, with maybe a touch "custom".  When these two are done, I have a couple of other 650 projects in mind. A Desert Sled, and a Flattrack bike., but that will be another story. Now I have some research and part sorting to do.