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Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SL 350 progress...rattle those cans...

A little progress report before 'part 3' of the CJMC Show.  Most of the heavier rust and paint removed from the frame. Accomplished this with a small sidewinder grinder running a 'medium' wire wheel cup brush, and a smaller disc shaped wire brush. Some of the tighter areas I hit with a hand brush and a dremel tool with an abrasive impregnated nylon wheel. Nothing too aggressive, just wanted to remove as much rust as was humanly possible in this heat wave we've been experiencing. I also used an abrasive nylon disc to remove some of the deeper scrapes and scratches this frame had picked up in it's 42 years of being around...Oh yeah, I welded up the several cracks I found. I did this with a MIG welder at work. MIG stands for metal-inert gas, AKA GMAW, or gas metal arc welding. It's a wire feed process versus a TIG welding process where a welding rod is fed into the weld zone by hand, similar to Oxy-Acetelene welding. TIG stands for Tungsten-inert gas. If you hear someone referring to 'Heli-arc' you are probably talking to an old fart. Heli-arc was a trade name for a Tig welding process.And SMAW, stands for shielded metal arc welding, commonly called 'stick-welding'...and if you're falling asleep....welding is a fascinating subject and I suggest that if you have an interest in it, do sign up for a class at a junior college or an adult education class if you have any in your area. So don't quote me on any of this, I've just got off a hot day at work...and those classes were many years ago.. So after getting tired of this....the rust removal that is...

I shot on a good coat of a 'Rustoleum' brand acid etch primer....kinda like the color of it, started thinking a green frame might look nice...

...but got back to the plot, and shot it with 'Rustoleum' gloss black.

Had been waffleing back and forth on black or a silver like the original...but after seeing another silver SL frame at the swap meet, that was even rustier than mine, decided to go with a nice thick coat of good primer and black.

Stuck the Cub in here...just because I wanted to see it...subject of a future 'how he did it'...

Loot from the CJMC Show, and other places...

The head, with various valves, springs and such...ten dollars, but I'll get back to it. Used speedo cable...2 bucks. NOS (made in Japan) fork seals, foot peg rubbers, and exhaust sealing rings. Seals....5  bucks. Peg rubbers....10 bucks. Exhaust sealing rings....4 bucks. Taiwanese spark plug boots were another 5 bucks I believe. Always amazed at the NOS stuff that shows up at these events...and the nice prices that are being charged, from nice friendly Honda riding folks of course...

The brake shoes are original Honda items bought at a local Honda shop several years ago. Walked into the shop expecting to have to order a pair. (They are smaller than CB/CL shoes and usually are not easy to come by. Turns out some one else had ordered a pair and had never come in for them. I had thought about converting to a CB wheel for this reason, but it would entail a complete re-working of the brake pedal and brake actuation as the later SL's is cable operated and CB/CL's are rod actuated...and since I have a disc up front, figured these would do.

The white package is '4-stroke' exhaust packing' , and represents an exhaust system I have yet to, stay tuned for that one.

The head was labeled 'BAD' top and bottom by someone at a Honda shop...hence the 10 dollar price. They used another head when they built the engine for his CL 350. The seats look good, the valves look good and are'nt bent. No cracks or broken fins that I could see. I figured I could borrow an exhaust stud from it to replace the one missing on my engine.

There are some marks in the combustion area where it looks like a previous mechanic had gotten a bit rough with a coarse wire wheel...? and the thread repair insert is on the short side.

Yeah, a sloppy thread repair...but not something that can't be easily fixed.

So, this weekend after the smoke clears from all the Yankee (and Rebel) celebrations...I'll work on the swing arm, front fork assembly, and wheels...then reaquaint them with the frame.

Then on to cleaning and stripping the fuel tank and many other tasks. Have a safe weekend and watch out for those short fuses!!


  1. Good progress Laz, black was definitely the better choice IMO, great spares score too . . . perhaps the issue with the head is some warping, given the adhering of the remnant gasket around cam chain tunnel and the L/H c/chamber, if I remember correctly from similar models we worked on here, being all lightish alloy, they didn't tolerate excess heat generation in cahoots with over tensioning of the central head bolts in the same way as T120/140's, try the old sheet of glass trick for a look-see, be interested to find out why the use of the word 'bad'.

    1. Yep, that thought had crossed my mind (warpage)...haven't checked it out that far yet. Didn't really need another head, but when he said he'd throw in the valves and springs and keepers...thought , why not? (got a stack of them out in the sheds...). I'll steal an exhaust stud off of this one (what a cheap sucker I am...).

  2. Finaly !!! You start it ha ha ha !!!! Good Luck :)

    1. Yep, getting tired of watching all the other kids having fun on their scooters. It will be a cool little ride to work hack (actually debating hooking the side car back on to it, if I can remember where I stashed that sub-frame...). Something to play with until I get the 'big guns' running again (been missing my Norton lately...).

  3. Looking good. Welding 101 is a good thing. You've gotten me motivated to resume work on my rigid project. I've always been a spray-bomber myself, but a I have a brother who will powdercoat the frame and I may even spring for professional paint on the tins........maybe.

    Remember the old adage, "Bad heads are better than none."

  4. Yep, welding is a handy thing to know. Even though I've been welding since ninth grade, I'm about to do another course in January. A friend of mine is going to teach an adult ed. class in welding, and since as a school district employee I can attend for silly not to. Want to brush up in TIG and welding aluminum, something I haven't done much of since my cycle-mechanic days...Hopefully this new class will lead into my friend being able to offer a machine shop class again, in the near future. His machine shop class was a victim of budget cuts a few years ago (yeah, our Superintendent managed to wangle herself and her staff more raises....oops, almost started off into a rant there...hehe...).
    Nice having a powder coating brother...gotta motivate each other here in bloggerland to get cracking on our projects...times a wastin'...

  5. You've made more progress than I have on the Victor frame, but then again, procrastination is a Scottish trait.

  6. Hoping to make a little more progress this weekend, since the weather is cooling down..