Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Farm living, is the life for me...

Here's one for Mrs.BC and GBC.  A look at a friend's 'mini-farm' in the foothills out of the city.
For those who don't know, Mrs. BC and GBC live in Scotland on a farm where Sheep are raised. There are other animals as well, and a few motorcycle projects  too. GBC has blogs that are in 'My blog list', over to the right column and down a bit...Right now GBC's computer has been 'playing-up'...but you can still visit her blog and look at all the previous posts. I believe they also have sites about various breeds of animals as check them out.

My friend's Brian and Kristi's place in the foothills. They found this place several years ago and have been gradually making improvements. They wanted a place to raise their children Ben and Nora, where they could be away from the city and raise animals and grow food.

Another friend of ours has a little girl that love's animals, so we took her up to see some. Julie with her walking-talking girl Cali (Hi girrrll).

Meeting the family next to the rabbit hutch that is serving as temporary quarters for some young chicks and ducklings.
                   Julie and Cali meeting Blanca, the very 'Big Dog'...120 lbs. big. 'big dog...woof!'

                                  These boots, were made for walkin'...Nora's workin' boots.

Brother Ben had on his stylin' red-rubber muck-boots. little Cali had her flower and bug shoes...


                           Ben and Nora talking about raising chicken's....but first you gotta catch one....

   Did I mention goats?  They have a pair of 'mini-goats', they are going to start breeding them.

                                 A warning to any would-be rustlers...? This came with the place.

                   Here's another chicken, they all have names...which I can't remember right now....

                                                                        If ya got an itch...

Mr. and Mrs. Goat

And this is "Kittie', that was one name I could remember...The horse barn is slated to be moved up the hill, which will improve the view of the cows grazing next door at the neighbors.

                                                                   Rounding up chickens...

                                            A food growing area, note protective deer fencing.

                    Hunting for stray cherries...Dad is going to harvest some cherries for everyone.

Nice little harvest

                                                    Ahhh, farm livin' the life for me.

So Cali got to see, chicken's, ducks, goats, kittie, dog's, cows were hiding down the hill next door, and we were too late to see the three pigs they raised. Talk of a BBQ later this summer, that could involve some pork...will post some pics of that one.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Moto Melee is almost here....

Been waiting for this all year, in fact I was getting ready to send in my application. But some old dental work has raised it's ugly head, and decided to cause me grief and pain. Pain in my jaw as well as my wallet.  Oh well looks like I have another year to wait and prepare. I don't even want to tell you how much over the dental plan 'cap' this bit of work is going to cost me. 

My plan was to get my old Black Bomber 450 Honda back on the road with as little work as possible. But since I'm no longer facing an imminent deadline, I might just treat it to a more thorough going over. As they this space.