Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A trip to the hill country....

To pick up the 'new' bike...

My friend Alfonso was kind enough to show up this morning in his El Camino, so I could get up to the hills above town about 30 miles away and collect the wee little Triumph I bought at the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club show . 

After we loaded the bike up,Tom-the fellow I bought it from, was nice enough to show us his collection and allow us to take some pics for the blog. In my excitement at seeing his bikes I forgot to snap pics of a few of them...he had 2 project Triumph 250's (re-badged BSA's) (sorry about that Bodger...) and 2 project Triumph TR-6's. Tom raced motorcycles in the 60's and when family came along he quit and sold his bikes off to a shop for $125!! 30 years later in the 90's he started playing with bikes again. 

Here's Tom and one of his dogs in his shop with his 'runner' Cub.

Here is one of his projects, what looks to be a show quality bike when it's finished.

A couple of nice engine stands he fabricated. The big Triumph twin motor is for...

...this Rickman frame which is going to be sent out for replating.

Tom runs an electrical contracting business and his wife raises goats and he has built a lot of the equipment they use. When he finds time, he gets to play with his bikes.

Here's his 'Pit-bike'
It's a Solex/Honda mountain bike conglomeration he put together.

Tom and his Chopper.

The other side...the motor currently in the bike is borrowed from his 69 Bonneville. 

And here's something you don't see everyday...his 1916 Triumph, believed to have come out of New Zealand. He plans on not restoring it and and getting it in good running order to ride in club rides. Beautiful old machine. 

And now some pictures for GBC and Mrs. BC....(who raise a few critters of their own in Scotland)


New kids on the farm...

Poppa goats having a snack...

Little Billy...

At the milking station, on equipment Tom put together.

My 'new' bike at home.

Hey, I'm only 8 years older than the bike....and nearly as rusty...

The plan is to build it as a trials bike for some classic trials use...looking forward to tearing into it.

Part three of the CJMC show report is coming...lots of pics to sort and upload...I really gotta look into a 'Flicker' account...


  1. Too good buddy, chuffed for ya, without a doubt one of the prettiest small bikes of the entire era, the old fella's chop is pretty damned convincing. Now Laz, get your arse into gear, lots to do !!

    1. His chopper is built for him, we had a good laugh when I sat on it and felt like I was folded up. I'll probably end up with a sprung solo saddle on my rigid unit Triumph project. He really likes that bike, because he can easily reach the deck on it. And yes, time's awastin' got bikes to build and races to race!

  2. Looks like ya scored good on the Cub. Looks pretty much how my Victor looked when I first got it. Making it into a trials ride sounds like a good idea.

    There's something about those rebadged Triumph 250s that I don't really care for that much. Tend to look like a mix-match of parts just thrown together instead of purposely thought out I guess

  3. Maybe I'll get some pics at a later date of his 250's. These are (I believe) earlier versions of the Triumph 250 rebadges. A friend of mine's first bike was a hi-pipe scrambler version of one of these,,,that didn't look too un-Triumphy. Basically Triumph/BSA were trying to get maximum mileage out of older out-dated technology...too bad management was pretty stodgy and outdated as this period. I remember being pretty stoked by the 'up-coming' DOHC 350's, and then being really disappointed when they killed them...

  4. Nice pics Larry - great to see so many Cubs abroad and being looked after. Nice goats too ;-)

  5. I saw the video of Scott Connell's Terrior 150 running. Sounded good! Tom has a third Cub I believe, and a Terrior in bits and pieces as well. They were getting ready to sell off a bunch of last years kids, never seen so many goats in my life, hahaha..

  6. Doesn't get any better. A barn full of sweet, old British iron and a herd of fine milk goats.
    Makes me wonder what's inside of every old building, barn and warehouse I pass by.

    1. Yeah Hermit, I'm the same way about that. Bought a bike from a guy who was a roofer. Most of the bikes he bought were discovered by being up on roofs and being able to see down into peoples back yards. Rode a train from Sacramento to Salinas a few years back. From the train you had a vantage point to peer into backyards you'd never see from the freeways, spotted quite a few old cars and trucks languishing in yards. (If it's possible for old cars to feel like that...)