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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clubman's Show at Santa Clara Fairgrounds

This should be interesting, suddenly Blogger decides it needs a 'new' look.
Why, I ask? Because they can I suppose....well let's see if we can figure this out and complete a post. Gotta tell you right now I'm not happy with this 'New Look' Dashboard , or whatever they are calling it. Anyone else run in to this change? My advice is, don't push that 'new look' button...there seems to be no going back to the 'old look'...

 The pic above was taken earlier today at the show. Best laid plans of mice and showgoers... Because of conflicts with other things that showed up to do this weekend, I was only able to spend a few hours at the show. Had to run around real quick and try to scope out the swap meet and show, and talk to old friends, which meant I didn't get a whole lot of picture taking accomplished. I'll post what I got.

This is the best pic I got of the Raffle bike. There were so many people getting a closer look at it. It's a very nicely restored 1957 BSA Goldstar some lucky individual scored.

Here is a pic for Bodger. A square barrel 441 Victor.

                                     Here is a pic of a 1967 Victor GP, with a round barrel.

Here is another view of the 67, with a really nice Spitfire 650 Scrambler . Both of these bikes belong to Don Harrel. 

A nice Goldstar, not sure of the year.

Don't know if this RGS is original or not, but was very nicely done.

This one was for sale and was looking very perfect.

A view from the left side of the Spitfire and the GP Victor.

                        A flamed Thompson sidecar. I did an earlier post on Thompson sidecars.

A 1963 Velocette.

A 19?? Rudge.

The outside area...a little wet out here.

An 'off-roader'...

Kane and Phillip (hope I got the names right guys...) 
                                        Bought some Triumph Cub parts here.

Kane had a neat B-40 and a 'Grumph'.  Lots of 350 and 250 parts.

                     A nice cub part I purchased, to go with the Cub frame I bought from him as well. 

Here's another view from the main floor. Sorry about the quality and quantity of pics. Had too little time to get pics. It was a good show and swap with a good turn out. Found a few things to buy, and am looking forward to next years. Did get to re-connect with a few people, and met some new the weekend wasn't wasted. Gotta tell you I am disgusted with 'Blogger' at the moment...looks like relearning time....

Oh yeah, here's the 'loot'.  A Triumph Cub frame, and a Triumph Cub engine cover to go with a Cub tank and a few other Cub bits kicking around the old shed. Couldn't resist the big-fin Triumph 650 exhaust collars.