Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four Horsemen...well, actually two...

Met Mr. Big and Skully of the 4 Horsemen MC, out of Richmond California. This is at the Westly rest stop on Interstate 5. Had an interesting and amusing chat about motorcycles...and the effect of aging on the frequency of rest stops. Have been making the Sacramento to Monterey back to Sacramento run quite a bit lately.  As summer has progressed  the good weather is bringing out the bikes, and have been seeing an interesting variety of bikes on the road.

This is Manuel and his Triumph Daytona. He lives in Castroville where my mother lives. He has ridden it on track days at the La Guna Seca raceway.

Emptied the phone of miscellaneous  pics,
now for some odds and ends....

Back in Sacramento at the Starbuck's coffee shop is friend Michael's XR 1000, with  Zard exhaust...made in Italy.

New friend Andrea, with his Honda. (Italian by birth, American by choice...says he.)

A shot of me on the XR 200R
(it started raining)

A rusty, but surviving Puch moped 

Friend Denis's Royal Enfield with twittering Gold Star pattern muffler...

Always a favorite of mine , the 1908 Casa de Fruta.

Cloudy skies and rainy days have given way to blue skies and 100 degree F...and higher days. This is a recent pic from about 2 weeks ago...

Actually getting some tomatoes, and thinking about planting more.

Picked up a couple pairs of Moto boots, and a small magnetic tank bag.. at a thrift store... in near new add to my collection.

Aliens, they really are everywhere..... (an old Model A Ford farm truck at Casa de interesting pit stop/ fruit stand in the hills between Sacramento and Monterey...just before Hollister...)

Not an alien, just Chanel...the service dog pit bull...that loves people.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sacramento Mile 2016 (part 2)

And a few pics I managed to snap on the phone...
out in the motorcycle parking area was this Mert Lawwill Streettracker.

After threatening rain all ended up being perfect and rain free. No sunburn this year.

Shot of the winners podium. Bryan Smith's sixth consecutive win at the Sacramento Mile.

Scene in the tech tent post race...

A couple of Kawasakis of #42 Smith...

After the races in Sammy Halberts Paddock or Pit...
Sammy is the current points leader. He was having problems with the Kawasaki he raced at the Mile...but gave it his best and came in eighth place. Sammy is always smiling and is a very gracious fellow and is always happy to talk with the fans.

A blurred shot of Willy Halbert, Sammy's dad. Sammy's Harley XR under covers for this race. Willy, is also most friendly and willing to talk to old guys like me, and give advice to old amateur racers.

Sam's Kawasaki, still warm after racing the Main. He has been running number 69 instead of his regular number 7, in memory of his older brother who he lost last year.

A close up of his Kawasaki shows the abrasive nature of the track, leaving a mixture of dirt and rubber on the bike.

And a few more random shots from after the races....

Looking  back at the Grandstand...

A Speedway machine on display

Also on display, a Cushman 2

Built pretty much as the original, with a variable speed belt driven transmission...but this time powered with an overhead cam single cylinder motor built by Subaru. Bike built in Gardena California.

and a good time was had by back with some stuff about my upcoming amateurish racing and other projects new and old.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sacramento Mile 2016


Don't blink...on the straights at the Sac Mile speeds up to 130 MPH are achieved. Being a full mile oval, Sacramento is one of the fast miles.

  Sighting lap for GNC 2 class...

GNC 2 class at speed...

Main event riders at speed...

Loading these videos seems to be a long and laborious task still...tune in a bit later and I'll have some still photos posted..... 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dirtquake US 3...

I know what I'll be doing in June.  I've been accepted into the "Inappropiate Street Bike Class"....
This class is a mismash of a variety of can visit the Sideburn blog..Sideblog...(there is a link over to the right and down ) see some of the bikes that have been entered so far. From a scooter to a Supercharged CR-500, and lots of other interesting machines...Time to get my bike ready.

So..last weekend I bought this Yamaha XS 650 motor from the Busch brothers of a swap meet here in Sacramento. The motor is very clean...and shouldn't take too much to get back to a runner....well, there is the small matter of not having a frame or the rest of the bike...have some ideas for it though...

Lance and Danny

They brought a lot of good stuff....including their very cool Yamaha XS Chopper...which they sold to a gal from the Bay area.. You can go to their blog....which is linked to the right and get a good look at their bikes and other stuff.

I made a pretty good haul, an interesting mix of Yamaha XS 650 and pre-unit Triumph parts...spent about $300.00...not bad at all. Next time....a post on the re -commissioning of  the Honda SL-100.

and still my favorite bike...the 1908 Casa de Fruta.