Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sacramento Mile 2013 Part 2

A view of bikes coming out of turn 4 and down the stadium side straight. Sound like airplanes when they get up to speed. (about 130 MPH)

A heat race of the big twins

Pro Singles coming out of turn 4, pretty loud too. (About 110 MPH) 

"Dash for Cash" , precursor of things to come.

Wild and crazy flagman...

Shayna Texter winning her heat race.

Start of the main event.

So, there they are, not the best quality...but a little taster of the Sac Mile. You owe it to yourself to get to at least one GNC event. I hope to catch several in the next round. 
I think I said this a year ago...need better video camera.
Don't know why some of the vids are offset, had everything centered...and can't figure out how to 'redo'...oh well, so be it.


  1. I'd rather watch flat trackers on a dirt mile than any Nascar, Indycar or Formula 1 race. We have a track at the County Fairgrounds. For five bucks you can watch some great racing. For $125.00 I can go down to The Motor Speedway, swelter in the July heat and be bored to death.

  2. Sounds like a bargain Herm, At Cal Expo you can see a lot of the action, and the Sony JumboTron gives you a good look at the farside straight and corners. I buy the cheapest SRO ticket, and enjoy the freedom to move around, and hear and smell the racing. Getting to preruse the pits before and after races is cool too. The guys are very generous with answering questions, giving autographs...and will sell you some cool T-shirts if that's your thing. Yeah, some pretty exciting racing.