Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Time to...

...Say,     Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ya out in Bloggerland.

From 'Old Larry' , young Larry, and Pete. Pete is the one with bigger ears....

I was at my friend Jack's place and spotted this pic he had snapped, oh 'bout a quarter century ago, of Pete and I, when Pete was alive and young. It wasn't until I'd snapped a pic of the pic that I realized I had caught my present likeness....looking over my own shoulder...looking like a father and son shot.

Sometimes people think I'm 'Pete', which doesn't bother me. The 'Hairy Larry' handle comes from my days working at a bike shop where everybody had a nick name. (Probably everyone named Larry has been called Hairy Larry at one time or another...)

Like most of you out there, life is about to get busy for me, this time of year. Looks like we survived to live another one despite the 'end is near' chatter. Been an interesting year. Had a good time following other blogs. One of my New years resolutions is to get busy with all my MC projects, and try to 'blog' regularly about them. 

See ya next year....ride safe.

Note: I've added another link to the previous post about the various Enfield V Twins. The outfit in the UK .


  1. Cool visage shot Laz, kinda spooky in a good way. Been a ball mate, thoroughly enjoy your contributions and getting the lowdown on this here site, all the best buddy, Merry Thingmas and Happy Trails, WLP.

  2. Yeah..kind of did a double-take when I viewed it on the digi-cam. You are one of the most energetic bloggers out there, I'll try to keep up. Cheers, and keep it under 90 as my old man use to say.

  3. Freaky shot HL, had to read a couple of times to make sure I got it right.

    It has been an interesting year and next should be even better.

    Have a great Bah Humbug and New Year!

    1. Will be anxiously awaiting progress reports on your thumper, Bodger. Need to ramp up my projects so I can get to my BSA's.

    2. Parts are still being got off eBay for the most part.

      Will need to start getting from the established places now I think such as Rabers, BCS here in the States and Burton Bike Bits, Draganfly, Lightning, etc. from the UK.

      When it gets warmer will need to get back to the painting. Do need to tackle the forks.

  4. Hi Larry....errrr Pete! Just want to wish you a very merry Crimbo from all at Cubbie Towers!!!

  5. Right back at ya GBC, and to all the furred and feathered ones as well!

  6. Great shot there Larry, as you say could be a Father and Son.

    Have a nice Christmas

  7. Thanks Hermit, looking forward to further posts about Biking out Indiana way.