Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Monday, December 10, 2012

'Small world'...strikes again...

Was perusing some of my favorite blogs this morning, when a pic had me double-taking...Over at 'The Big Mama Introspection' (link over to the right and down... in 'My blogs list') She is doing an exhibit of record sleeves at a Pub in France. On the wall is an R.Crumb poster. It's dated from '09 and is in color, and looks a lot like this poster from the 70's.

This is a scan of a poster from a used record store I used to frequent back in the college days. (Yeah, I'm that old....)  It looks like Crumb redid the poster later in color.  Always loved R.Crumbs art. This poster has survived a half dozen moves and poor storage. I think a mouse chewed off the one corner...

The members of 'The Howard Arnhurst Blues Band' look a lot like 'The Grateful Dead'. The house in Haight-Ashbury that the 'Dead' lived in was owned by Crumbs mother, and for a while he lived in the the story goes...


  1. Noticed the same thing mate, stood out like dog's nuts . . . never heard nor read about the link with the Dead, made my day Pete, brilliant !!

  2. Hello Guys !!!!

    Fantastic !!!! Thanks for the story back the drawing :)