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Pete and Laz
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Musket V version is alive...

Borrowed these pictures from the Facebook page.  "The Musket V Twin'. If you go there you can see video of his latest engine running. If you aren't familiar with this project, it is two Royal Enfield 500 top ends on a custom made lower end.Click here for a link-->Musket Twin    There is a link to the Facebook page at this site.

Aniket Vardhan has designed this motor from the ground up, and I believe is going to produce the bike in 'kit form'. I think it has turned out as quite a stunner visually, and if it runs as good as the first prototype, should be successful.

Already in production is a similar concept produced in Australia, by Carberry Enfield.
Click here for a link to the site-->Carberry V Twin
This bike has hydraulic lifters, modern oiling, electric start, and a host of modern upgrades, yet still is designed to use the stock Enfield top ends.

There was another similar concept done in the UK, (for some reason I couldn't find info on that one today...). Also while on youtube looking at videos of Aniket's first engine I saw another version built by someone else from India.

I'm thinking that a bike like these would make a good sidecar tug. Nice work all of them. Aniket is really pretty amazing to take on a project like this by himself, apprenticing at a machine shop to learn to run the machinery to do all the machining himself. Created his own casting patterns to take to a foundry. I've done a little aluminum casting, but nothing on this scale.

Weather here is rain and cold, meaning snow in the mountains. Was hoping to get out and play in the snow. but the weather changed...oh well, more snow for later.

Found a link to the bike built in the UK. Click here for a link to the Norcroft site--->Norcroft V Twin


  1. It's lookin a whole lot pertier than the initial versions mate, good luck to him.

  2. Wow thanks for the link Pete.

    It has a little "Vincent Twin" flair. Not bad.

    1. According to the Norcraft site the Enfield has the same bore and stroke as the Vincent Rapide. It will be interesting to watch how Aniket's does, there seems to be a lot of interest in his design.