Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wrestling with computers,paypal,and various sign up apps.... LA to Barstow to Las Vegas

....making lists, and checking them off...   bought a replacement Lap top...check
                                                                   AMA membership ...check
                                                                   reserved a spot in the ride...check
                                                                   bought a suitable bike for the event...check

                                                                    To do list:
                                                                     Go through the electrical system on the bike
                                                                     find and buy replacement bulbs
                                                                     install heavier springs in front suspension
                                                                     install heavier spring on rear shock
                                                                     install digital speedometer/odometer
                                                                     procure roll chart holder and install
                                                                     change drive chain and possibly sprockets?
                                                                     oil change and filter clean
                                                                     fabricate additional 'bash plate' and install

                                                                      Book some motel rooms
                                                                      install hitch on the tow vehicle
                                                                      purchase a trailer (add a channel rail)
                                                                      and probably a dozen other things...
In Honda we trust


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  1. Talking to myself it turns out, due to circumstances beyond my control...I had to withdraw from the LA/Barstow/Vegas desert run. On he plus side my entry fee was promptly refunded to my Pay Pal account...kudos to the event organizers for that year, I'll try again.