Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Killing time at the McCafe...

...and playing around with my little portable computer. haven't figured out how to get pictures from the phone to this device (other than e-mailing them to myself...which is too much bother...), but I have retrieved some of my own pics from the web....that are 'floating' around out there.  This is a pic I've posted before, that I took at the first DirtQuake US last year. This is a chopped 750 Honda with an Equalean sidecar that was raced at DirtQuake US. The leaning feature on this particular rig had been disabled. 

Been thinking about sidecars lately. Been looking to be a wet winter and thinking I'd like a light weight rig again.

Maybe something like what Pete and I used to get around in during the late 80's.
(retrieved this pic from this blog's 'Picassa web album'). This is a CB 350 Honda with a Thompson Cyclecar sidecar that a friend gifted me with. It came with a basket case BMW he bought. I ran this sidecar on an SL 350, a CB 350 and on a CL 450. Each time I fabricated subframes to attach to. Not sure what I'd like to attach to this time...still mulling that over. This time thinking about making it able to haul a small canoe I have....( seriously thinking about getting a fishing license this year, especially if all the predicted rain shows up... )

This envelope contained some literature that came with the sidecar. Dogs in side cars..

And this is a Honda 350 powered high heel shoe...found this pic on the web...and I believe this is the one that used to feature in a television bank advertisement years ago.


  1. A bit of fishing, something I haven't done in years. In fact last time I went was on my CB250K3, which I had over 30yrs ago. Might have a go again this coming year.
    Have never seen a sidecar like the one on the chop other than line drawing adverts in American bike mags years ago. Think I would stick to a more normal rig. Cheers

  2. Well Iain, I noticed there was a new post up at your blog...nice little Italian bike you have there. Once had a motor out of a 250, that I foolishly got rid of during a move...also see that Tim Campbell has got back to his blog with some pics of his BSA 650. Fishing is definitely on my to-do list. Want to get back to some fly fishing...where I left off about 5 or 6 years ago. The leaning side cars don't appeal to me...just a sturdy regulation outfit for me again. The Thompson I have has tagged along on many bikes...maybe this time on a Honda multi cylinder...we will see.

  3. I tried to haul a 12 ft. ladder on my old Yamaha and wrecked rather unspectacularly. In my humble opinion one must portage ones canoe on foot, pickup, camper or car top. Or maybe convert a bike into a hybrid canoe-cycle a la the high heeled shoe pictured.

    1. 12 ft. ladders and old Yamahas don't sound like a good mix...I used to carry large bags of groceries between my knees on an old Honda 350...after some not so exciting incidents, started longing for a sidecar. Managed to strap a pair of back country skies alongside a Honda once...that worked out ok. One of the canoes I have is a smaller fiberglass unit...and I'm thinking it might not be a bad fit on a sidecar frame...hopefully.