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Pete and Laz
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Some European and Japanese motorcycles....

It's 'El Fo Fitty'
This was parked outside of the European and Japanese motorcycle show hall. Found out later via Instagram it was built by Alex Vrbtsk, for the 'Dirtbagchallenge' two years ago. It is based on a 1969 CB 450. It has 21 and 23 inch wheels. The front end is from a 1963 Honda Dream. The fuel tank from a Bultaco Matodor, and a Hooker Header...My favorite part is the fishing creel battery box. The bandana covered banana seat is a nice touch...

A 1970 KO model CB 750...of the so called 'sand cast' variety...heading up a line of nicely restored bikes

Nice Candy Blue 1968 CL 125A Scrambler

View of the high mounted Scrambler pipes

Knew a guy in High School, name of Greg... that had one just like this. He'd pretty much keep up with a bunch of us on 175 twins (like the orange one, a much younger version of myself... is sitting on, at the top of this blog...15 years old and about 55-60 lbs. lighter... Greg could smoke most 160's with the little 125.
His brother owned a Triumph Bonnie with an eight valve-big bore Rickman top end kit. For laughs they would race each other. His brother would give him a head start, as well as starting off in high gear on the Triumph. Wasn't too long before the little Honda would be screaming along, and the big Bonnie would motor by....heading for the 'Ton'.
Greg was a little, he was a lot crazy. Watched him hit three foot high lumps of dirt on a trail at about 35-40 mph....and launch that little 125 like Evel Knevel...bottoming out the suspension on the launch and the landings. Crazy....he would do it over and over. As a testament to how tough that Honda was, it never broke. (But I'm thinking the rims must have had some flat spots on them!) 
But I digress...more pics to post:

A pair of 1954 Honda J 89cc
Bike in foreground should have a chromed tank...yet, the worth as is, estimated at $15,000.
The unrestored bike behind it estimated at $3,000.

A 1955 Honda JB 125cc
Value estimated at $40,000 

A 1962 Honda Trail 55 C105T Chrome plated dealers promo model
Probably less than 100 exist today...period correct Baggage packs.

A flat track version of a Kawasaki W2 (sorry pic a little fuzzy..)

And now some European bikes...

A 1939 BMW R 71
746 cc 22.03 HP 

1964 BMW R 60/2 with a Russian made Ural sidecar

Benelli 500 Four

1964 BMW R 60/2 with a sidecar

Another angle of the Beemer rig

A Bultaco Astro with some other Bultacos, and Montessas, and Maicos for company...

!973 Ducati Condor 350  Swiss Military model

Out of focus Maico motocrosser

1965 Bulttaco Metisse 250

circa 1960 Benelli sold as a Wards Riverside

An out of focus...MV Augusta

Sorry for the delay in posting these pics of the 'other show' that was at the same time as the All-British show. It's almost too much to take in , next time will have to show up earlier. Nice bikes in both shows, and lot's of stuff for sell. 

As usual, it seems I've either misplaced or lost some pics. I wanted to add some Kawasaki pics about here which seem to have disappeared. I may have to see if I can 'retrieve' them from my Facebook page. Anyone else have these kinds of problems downloading pics from their cel-phone? Maybe I shouldn't wait until there are a couple thousand pics stacked up....? 

Next time ....updates on all the current projects...


  1. It seems Blogger didn't delete the second pic of 'Beemer with sidecar'...oh well....

  2. Dig the "El Fo Fitty" and the young Larry perched upon his little Honda with Earth Shoes.

    1. El Fo Fitty is interesting. Had a chance to talk with the owner briefly...he did all the frame work mods himself...and it was ridden to the show. Now Herm, I'll have you know those are well worn 'Clark Desert boots'....they are similar to 'Earth shoes'...(Had to Google them to see what those looked like). This was several years before my surplus military lace up boot period. While I was at Google I see they have re-introduced the 'Clark Desert boot' $120.00 a pair...seems a little high for something as flimsy as they are...price of nostalgia I suppose....

  3. I have a 1962 honda chrome promotional for sale. Anyone interested