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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oilyrob aka Rob Williams... a timber framing carpenter who races flattrack motorcycles in the UK. I've added a couple of links in 'my blog list' over there  (GoodWood Frames,and GoodWood Frames Home----------------->

The one at the bottom of the list GoodWood Frames Home, is a '' site, that has a cool video you should check out...
As a sometimes carpenter, and follower of  "This Old House"....have always been fascinated by timber framing, and dream of someday building something using the old methods.....yeah check it out....massive oak beams...just some beautiful stuff...

You can follow him on Instagram ...oilyrob

As I was looking at his Instagram page, I realized reflected on the screen, were the mock, built up beams of the McD's ....just not the same as the real deal....


  1. McPhony's . . . never quite the real thing.

  2. Glad some people are keeping this craft alive. When I was a kid timber frame barns were everywhere, many still in use. Sadly, they're either falling down or have been bulldozed to make room for the giant metal buildings.

    1. Still a few left out here, but not many. Like you say, there are some people still practicing the craft. Good to see that some old barns are being dismantled and used in new locations, rather than just being knocked down... Rob and his friends are doing some nice work over on the other side of the pond.