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Pete and Laz
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

More bikes from the 2014 Clubmans Show...

A nice unrestored 1968 BSA B44 Victor Special
with genuine oil drips....

a very nicely restored 1956 Ariel-Square Four 1000cc MK 2 

A very nice Ariel Twin, that I somehow managed to not get any info on...a 500, perhaps..?

An out of focus 1937 Rudge Special...that could be yours for $8000.00 .

A nice Royal Enfield of unknown vintage...

Another view of the 1949 Vincent Rapide known as "Barn Job".

A Triumph 500 Flattrack racer

A Triumph Bonneville, ridden to the show- parked out side.

A nice 1966 Norton Atlas 100 miles since restoration, yours for $8000.00

A 1915 Scott, a water cooled twin two stroke.

Rear view of the fantastic Eddie Mulder street tracker, pretty 'Ryechus' ...indeed.

A perfect little 1964 Triumph T20SS Tiger Cub

A 1961 Norton 650 Manxman

Don Harrell's 1960 BSA Spitfire Scrambler
I'm fortunate to own one similar to this (but nowhere near this condition)

Here we have a Norton Four...

A 1953 Norton "Clubman"
A very cleverly engineered special. I see it as a nod to the proposed Norton Four...that never was. I believe this is a disguised Honda motor, but really not sure about that...anyone out there recognize it? Paul Adams, the owner... races old Nortons, when he isn't pulling wool over our eyes...

Nice un restored Triumph triple 750

A few Triumphs...

I'm thinking this is a good place to pause, and hit the 'publish' button....may or may not be back with a few more British bikes...due to the non-quality of some of my snapshots.(and some difficulties with photo transferring...) Will definitely be back with European and Japanese bikes from the 'other hall'.


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    1. Hey Uncle Norman, how is that Scrambler 350 doing? I see via that other social network....that you have your hands full with work van woes...maybe you need a sidecar?

  2. I'm digging the new cover artwork, Lar. Lucky squirrel.

    1. While looking for motorcycle parts a few weekends ago, I came across yet another box containing evidence of a former life of mine...sketchbooks with coffee house scribbles..can't take credit for the squirrel portion of that one. It was added by a friend I call 'Vinnie' for purposes of this is good with a pencil.