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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Clubman's All British Show...

"Earth to Mars...Earth to Mars...Do you know the way to San Jose...?"

There were BSA's

Lots of Beezers...

My trusty old Kodak has finally gotten to the point where it needs to be these are all pics from the phone...some ok...some a little fuzzy...trying to take pics while holding a pair of handlebars and other goodies...while talking to old friends...and  for some odd reason I was unable to unload all of the pics...these are the ones I posted to 'Instagram', so if they are a repeat for you...sorry about that too.

This is an all original 1960 T20 Triumph Cub from Wisconsin.Yours for $2950 or best offer..

A fuzzy pic of a 1954 M33...with what might or might not be a B series motor. It looked to be mostly all there, and asking price was $2500. He had an offer of  $2200. at this point... pretty cool looking old Beezer...what am I talking about? it's younger than me....sigh... 

Here's an elderly BSA...1921 Model H 
Not sure what the 'Geezer' is closely inspecting on the 'Beezer'...

A 1965 BSA Starlight aka a Beagle in it's country of origin. 75 cc's of blazing horsepower...

A close up of a 1949 Vincent Rapide competition machine, known as 'Barnjob'... 

A 1967 T100C Very shiny...

Bonneville Street Tracker...Eddie Mulder Style...Carbon Fiber trickery...very tasty...
Nice unrestored Beezer behind it..

Tough looking BSA A65 Flattracker..(in Kawa green..?)

Speaking of Kawa a hall over, there was also a European and Japanese motorcycle show.
This is a Kawa 650 W2 Flattracker that was raced back in the day against BSA's and Triumphs.... 

A trio of oh so nice Velocettes. The one in front belongs to Pete Young's wife. Pete has the 'Occhiolungo' blog you should read, and has just recently started an Instagram account, that you should look at too...if you dig old bikes and other machinery. He's a very knowledgeable feller. Link to his blog over there somewhere--->

The trio from the other side..

Wooop! Wooop! How did this Honda get in the hall...oh, It's in a British frame...Spondon, and flying the proper flag...sorry bout fuzzy focus...wish they had started this one.

Ran into this smiling fella, Tom. I bought my Triumph Cub from him at the big Japanese motorcycle show and swap in Auburn California...last summer.

He showed me the progress on his Rickman framed Triumph 650. Since I had seen it, he had the frame re-nickel plated, and the motor re-built by San Jose legend Don Harrell...who had a booth at this show.

This is what it looked like last summer...

The engine on the left as it looked last summer... has now been re-built and re-installed.

Tom in 1966 on a Triumph Cub Flattracker at the 'Three Star Raceway' in Sacramento. The raceway's gone...but Tom is still here and building and riding his Triumphs.

Well this brings us to the end of this installment...will be back with more from this show, and then a post of European and Japanese motorcycles from the other hall. Oh yeah, still have more Autorama car pics to post at that other blog of mine. So, if you like old autos...go have a look.


  1. Thanks so much Laz, it was a real treat getting those snaps on Instaphlegm yesterday, apologize for nothing mate, they're great !!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. Put that 125 Honda in there to spur you on with yours, Dawg...Woof!

  2. Thanks Larry, good to see what's happening over your side. Love the Kawasaki 650 #48


    1. Hey Kawa...thought you'd enjoy the Kawa tracker...wish that pic had been in focus though!
      Been enjoying your FB albums...when you going to update that blog of yours? (not so subtle hint....hehe ...SFB and GBC too!!).