Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rust never sleeps...

Exhibit A , looks like something that was dredged up from the bottom of a canal. I discovered that once again, a roof leak had taken it's toll of a box of my motorcycle parts...this time the clutch basket and shift quadrant ( I believe it's called...) from my BSA 441 Victor. I almost tossed them...but had second thoughts...

Exibit B, the same parts after cleaning. I gave them a thorough going over in a blasting cabinet...and finished up with a wire wheeling and brushing. Hard to believe they are the same parts in both pictures. I bought my Victor a long time ago for a hundred dollars. At the time I thought I'd paid way too much for a bike with a seized piston. It had been left out in the rain with the spark plug out, and the rings were thoroughly rusted and the piston was thoroughly stuck tight. The bike is very low mileage, but has suffered from neglect and poor storage, on my part as well. 

The clutch basket is a cast iron part, with a hardened race pressed into it, that bearings ride against. The race has some light pitting, and there are odd pits here and there....but for now I am going to use the parts.As I recall the bearing race is replaceable by pressing it out and pressing a new one in...I might see if I can get a race.  If I can't remove the rings that are rusted in place on the piston, I may have to replace it. I've read about 'skimming' rings out of pistons on a lathe...hmmm, have never tried it, but if they don't come out easily I might give that a try. 

The poor BSA has had a hard life...but hopefully it will once again be thumping merrily down the road...

The weather has been getting warmer lately, even with the late rain storms I should be getting something done on the 350 project the way of paint.

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