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Pete and Laz
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time to say Happy New Year!

                                             Near Loon Lake, California several years ago

In about 4 and a half hours, this year will be over. So...Happy New Year!  Any new years resolutions?   Winter hasn't really set in here yet. There was more snow in the mountains a month ago. My back-country skiing partners and I might have to start rock climbing if we don't get some good storms soon.

One of my resolutions is to try and resemble my former self over to the left .  That was about 5 or 6 years and 25 pounds ago...  can't get the years back, but hoping to work on the weight. That was about the second or third pitch of an 'easy' climb in Yosemite, California. These are some scans of some panoramic shots Rick Willis took.

The pre-unit Triumph to the right there is a former Bud Ekin's bike that had just returned to the U.S. after being in Australia for a number of years. Shot that at San Jose several years ago. Wonder where it is now?  Put that there as inspiration to get going on my pre-unit Triumph.

The pile of rusty frame bits, is to remind me to get going on that project. Have been mulling over the design of a frame table. Have to get my Tig-welding sharpened up.  After looking at prices on some of the pre-unit stuff on 'E-Bay', I'm more determined than ever to salvage my frame.

So tune in later folks, for tales of playing, wrenching and riding- in Northern California.....where it might snow again, someday soon- we hope.

                                   Rappeling, or abseiling from a climb in Tuolumne Meadows
Rick Willis, my climbing partner looking fit...notice how his head resembles the back of a famous rock formation. Took this on the way to Tuolumne Meadows, just about one of the most beautiful places in California.


  1. All graet shots there Larry.....

    I'm in the same boat as far as the years and the weight, can work on losing a few pounds, not much luck with the years though....oh well.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Bodger, I think it's going to be a great year. If you haven't been to Raber's web site lately, give it a look. They do a lot of mail order biz, and might be able to set you up with some BSA stuff.Like they say 'they might have one out back'. Speaking of Raber's, they will have a booth set up at the San Jose show coming up real soon in March. Better get my camera ready for that one. I'll be eyeballing all the Triumphs real good this year.

  3. I'll give Rabers a look see HL to see what they have going on. Still collecting some tappet followers on the way. Plenty more to get though.

    Must be nice to be able to still have some places "local" to still get parts....

  4. Good luck with getting back in shape. I'm working on it myself. Even though round IS a shape, it's not the shape I want to be ;-)

  5. Happy new year Larry, I was going to go skiing at the Lecht but there isn't a lot of snow over there either (although that might change as Scotland is being hit by storms at the moment!)

  6. Happy New Year Larry!! Love the climbing photos. Even though I love climbing I hope the weather starts to cooperate as I'd really love some ski/snowboarding time as well. Enjoy the process of getting back into shape :)

  7. GBC: The Lecht...near Ben Nevis right? Have seen pics of some gnarly ice climbing going on there.
    Cheryl: Between motorcycle stuff, I'll be posting some other skiing and climbing pics.
    Bodger: Out here there are still stashes of British stuff...just have to hunt them down.
    KustomJeff: We better get with it, there are already enough Homer Simpson look-a-likes out riding around out there...