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Pete and Laz
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Now where are those manuals? And my British tools...?

                                                     Mr. Marx, the doctor will see you now.
   (An old friend of mine, who survived to become a semi-respectable member of society)

Hate to admit it, but I don't think I remember everything I used to know about Triumph twins. Back in the day, when I was wrenching on the things for a living, didn't have to refer to a manual or spec sheet.  Time to get the library in order. I do remember that a pre unit 650 runs a shorter reach plug as compared to the unit 650's. You can bend a valve if you get that one wrong.Of course that is, if you are running the original head and not a later one.  (Don't ask me how I know that...). I should have the manuals and books I need. Tools, yes the tools. Those are going to need a good sorting.  Fortunately for me, I acquired most of the special tools for British bikes that used to hang on the wall at a long time shop in this area. When "Sarkee's" went out of business years ago, I was lucky enough to stop in as the old shop tools were being brought up to the sale tables. By this time Joe Sarkee had retired and sold the shop years earlier. Joe was quite a local "Motorcycle" legend and character . When Joe had the shop he sold British bikes, BMW's, Honda, and others. He had an interesting collection of old bikes in the shop as well. One I remember in particular was an old war time opposed twin Harley, that he had modified by fitting top ends from a BMW. Click here to see Pete Youngs Wordpress blog, Occhio lungo   He has a really nice site with all kinds of of pics and articles about the old motorcycle scene in Northern California. Worth taking a trip to.

The crazy young man in the old faded photo above used to own the Norton Commando 850 I have. Some day the Norton will be the subject of a re-build. That is the marque of a Drive-in theater that we both worked at. It's long gone, and I won't embarrass him with stories about that least not today.

Weather has definitely gone winter-like here. No rains at the moment but lot's of cold blustery wind.


  1. Having those manuals will be a big help along with the tools. Having to get the tools as I go, usually if I see them on eBay.

    The old stories are always good to hear, even if "embellished" a little over the years.

  2. The problem with "Capt. Grench" hanging up there, is that stories about him and moi don't need embellishing....maybe censoring...? To protect the innocent...