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Pete and Laz
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to say Merry Christmas...

          Mom's new 51 MPG Christmas gift behind the Prius, her "old" 2003 Toyota

         Snapped this brave soul on his 110 MPG Honda Express, commuting home from work

Good grief , where did the year go? Been running this little blog for about 8 months now. Starting to get the hang of it, sort of. Been busy lately and have fallen a little behind.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all out in Bloggerland , that might stumble upon this location occasionally. Here's to a new year coming. Stay tuned, the projects are gonna start rolling....uhhhhhh...yeah, they are going to!

Been thinking about some road trips to some bike shops here and there, to see what parts and supplies I can still find locally. That is, as soon as I inventory what I have on hand. Have had auto problems lately, but have secured a newish vehicle to run around in while repairs are made to the old Jeep. San Francisco and San Jose are close by, and there are quite a few shops in both cities. Los Angelos is a major trip from Sacramento, but might even venture down that way, do have lot's of relatives that way. Have to check out bike show schedules, and maybe coincide with one.

Been very cold here with little rain, and sadly little snow as well. We had more snow in the mountains a month ago. My back country ski stuff is set and ready to go . Might end up becoming a rock climbing winter. Check out the blog called 'Summit' . Some nice pictures of desert climbing on sandstone. Very different from granite. I've only climbed in the desert once several years back. The desert was an interesting place to camp out in. Maybe a trip to L.A. could be combined with some desert camping...hmmmmm? .Click here to go to desert climbing

Have a good Holidays you all.


  1. A Merry Bah Humbug Larry.

    There still a lot of BSA/Norton/Triumph places out that way? Nothing around here at all unless someone has parts stashed away and is keeping quiet.

    I'll leave the rock climbing to you I think, not one for heights and all.

  2. Bah back at ya Bodger. There are a few shops left around you can get stuff at...I'll be getting back to you on that as I visit them. Not so sure about the Los Angelos area...will have to check it out.
    Rockclimbing (on a rope) is a good way to get over fear of heights. Give it a go sometime. Just keep looking ahead instead of down.

  3. It's the down part that worries me....

    Still listening for any whispers about parts in this area...never know!

  4. Hey there GBC. You got in to the comments section, did you have to use 'Google Chrome'?

    Happy New Year back at you and Mrs. BC, and to all the fuzzy fauna!