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Pete and Laz
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Friday, January 20, 2012

The old neighborhood...

I live in a part of Sacramento known as Oak Park. A few blocks away is a theater now known as 'The Guild Theater'. This pic is from around the 40's, when it was the 'Oak Park Theatre'. Found a site that I'll post a link to, that had some great pics and stories about the neighborhood I live in.Click here to see more old pics.

This is what it looks like today. It has been 'restored' and is a working theater. It is now known as 'The Guild'. Somewhere I have some pics of the building before it was brought back to this look. 

A rollercoaster at what was once known as Joyland.

It's now a park, named after a local newspaper man that owned the land for awhile, and gave it to the city to use as a park.

Across from the park is a law school that has gobbled up a big chunk of the neighborhood. I used to live next to the school in a beautiful old apartment, also rented an old carriage house that was my shop space for a number of years. Can't get a pic of it now, the law school tore it all down and put up some really ugly stucco apartments for law students...(insert your own lawyer joke or comments here....)

Finally raining again, and snowing in the mountains. A welcome change of weather. Weekends here, hope to get some bike work done.


  1. I like some of these older parts of towns like this. Lot more character in them.

    1. Oh good, a comment.... I can try the 'reply' feature that I've just started noticing.Yeah Bodger, One of the reasons I've enjoyed living 'downtown' is because of the character of the older parts of town. Sacramento still has a lot of older buildings and homes. Unfortunately, there are developers who think it's clever to tear down older structures and replace them with some rather hideous looking stuff...unfortunately the city sometimes goes along with them. We are fortunate that the 'old-town' portion of Sacto. still has a lot of old survivors, even if it tends to be 'touristy'. Just got back from Oakland where there are a lot of old buildings that survived the big earthquake that devastated a lot of old San Francisco. O.K. lets see what this 'reply thing is all about, wonder if it's some e-mail thingy..?

  2. Hmmmm....tried the Reply thing....nothing.

    Oh yeah, prefer seeing the older parts of town. There's still some small towns out here that still have that feel....Johnson City (LBJs hometown), Blanco and others away from the big cities. Even seen one that has a few brick streets in the downtown but dead area.