Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moto Melee...?

                                                          Suzuki 50 Caferacer filling up.

On my way to Oakland this weekend saw this little "Cafe" Suzuki 50. Talked briefly to owner Dennis, who said this thursday there was going to be a "Moto Melee" meeting on J Street at 7:00 PM.    ?     Is this the same Moto Melee that Kawa had a posting on at his site that featured the ESMB..?   Suppose I'll have to show up and see what it's all about.

THURSDAY : Looks like another wild goose chase for Uncle Larry. Hoping to find a pack of interesting bikes down on J street, I spot a lone Suzuki sportbike owner walking out of a place with a British flag out front. Turns out he doesn't have a clue what I'm jabbering about . I query a few more people and realize I'm at the wrong place at probably the wrong time and day as well. Cruise around for awhile, and no meeting in sight. To the web to look for info...


  1. Will have to have a look at his Blog to see I think.

    Is that similar to the Moto Giro in Italy I wonder?

    Either way, sounds interesting.

    Just found out that while I'm on vacation these next two weeks, the "Harvest Classic" is being held the last weekend of the nmonth in Luckenbach, the one of Willie Nleson song and fame.....sooooooo....will make a trip up there to have a look see.

    October seems to be a good month for shows, runs, etc....something to do with the weather I think.

  2. So you, might be..."On the road again....",as Willie sings.
    I hope that this is "the" Moto Melee, I would like to participate if it is. Lately I've been seeing more older bikes out and about. Stay tuned for the next post in a day or two.