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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

California Automobile Museum....Part one-ish..

A nice young gentleman in the Mcdonald's  I'm at has told me they are enforcing a new "half-hour policy" in the I'm probably going to make this a two part post. All the "lap-toppers" in the store are a bit miffed at the moment. Probably a new manager, who doesn't really under stand how commerce works....

So here is part one:
Hadn't been by this museum for awhile, and seeing the Model T at "Gorgeous Biker Chick's" last posting , made me think why not? Was hoping for more bikes, but evidently most that had been there were owned by one man who'd  removed them from display. There were several old bicycles and a few motorcycles left.
                                       A 1941 Boys Schwinn and a 1946 Girls Schwinn bicycle

                                                           A 1950 Roadmaster bicycle

                                                       A home built electric two-wheeler

A CHP Kawa  from the TV show "Chip's"

An electric Chopper bike

A 1953 Vincent Comet 500

!937 Indian Dirt track racer

An amphicar...a car that's a boat, or is it a boat that's a car?

That's it for now, be back with some Model T's and others.....

Back, and it's ,
time to add some old Fords and others....

Before there were car repair facilities, it was good to know a good smith...

1907 Ford Model K 6-40 Roadster
1906 Ford Model K Touring Car
1908 Ford Model T Touring Car
1904 Ford Model B Touring

1921 Ford Model T Snowmobile
Saw something similar in a blog out of Scotland I believe, can't remember which one at the moment...
1917 Ford Model T "Form A Truck" conversion
1926 Austin "Chummy" Roadster
I can picture a trailer behind this car with a Cub and a Terrier loaded up...
1932 Ford "Hardtop" Dirt track racer, raced in 1955-56 by A.J.Foyt
My parents saw this car race down in Riverside California.
1927 Model T Ford "XXO" Gas Modified Roadster class

If you look closely, you can see some aspect of a 1927 Ford in there...
This car is going for a 175 MPH record.

This is probably a good place to end "Part one" of the look at the California Automobile Museum. I'll have some pics of the Alternative fuel vehicles section, as well as more old cars and not so old cars.


  1. Not that I'm a big fan of Mickey D's, but I guess it's more important to get Happy Meals sold than to "care" about real customers.

    Some interesting items there Larry....liked the Indian nd the Vincent....did the electric chopper actually work or was a mock-up?

    I actually saw one of those amphibicar things a couple of years back. Thought it was just a car with one of those tow hitch propeller things on until I realized it was a way much older car and it was a real propeller.

    Also saw the Oscar Mayer wein-mobile here a few times on the freeway.

  2. Howdy Bodger, The CHP chopper is a running bike capable of 80 MPH speeds. I Imagine it doesn't get ridden much, mostly being for display as a memorial for the fallen officer. There are several amphibicars in this area. I've never witnessed one on the water, only on TV. Pretty nifty little vehicle. Been dealing with construction stuff at one of my main garages, should be digging out that Victor tank soon to photograph for you. I'll send you pics when I do.Been thinking how I'll probably just do a "get-running" restoration on my Victor this time around. Not planning on "showing" it or anything. I saw one of the Oscar Weinermobiles years ago. Got to go inside and get the tour, somewhere I have a model car of one...only in America eh?

  3. Great stuff! Love that Indian dirt track racer. Had to Google the 'Weinermobile' - what was all that about! Craziest looking car I've ever seen! Also, there's Vincent Comet in a garage about 400 yards from me at the moment. A friend is storing it for someone he knows.

  4. Hey Norman, Yeah, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobiles--all part of advertising in the States. Somewhere I have a model of one, and a little miniature one that is also a whistle.Probably all "E-bayable" stuff. Saw a news report last night about 80's era toys going for big bucks, since people that grew up in that era are looking for the toys they had as kids. Been to a few toy shows in Sacramento, and the stuff from when I was a kid goes for outrageous prices. Vincents are nice. The Comet is an interesting version. Going to add some more pics from the museum.

  5. Great stuff! I love the Indian dirt tracker and the snowmobile. I've always liked the look of Schwinn bicycles too. Thanks Larry :-)

  6. Hello SFB, I've got an Indian to restore, and will eventually do that and post pics. It's an Indian "Push bike"....and I won't give away too much about it for now.