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Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smells like old Triumph parts...

Haven't been working on any of my projects for awhile....dug these out of a box in a closet. The tach I've had from the 70's, the Chronometric I bought from a fellow about 2 or 3 years ago at San Jose. He had a lot of Vincent parts. He looked surprised when I pulled it out of a box of stuff he had, and sold it to me for 15 dollars. Says 56,375 miles ...have no idea what it came off of. Has a little road rash, have no idea if it works, but I like the looks of it. Recently I've seen a couple articles on rebuilding these.

This is an after market shift quadrant for a Triumph 650, made by "Barnett Tool and Engineering". You can make out the B T @ E stamped on it. I believe it was never run, something I picked up at the shop in the 70's. Might use it in a flattracker, might sell it for big bucks on "E-Bay".....

And now for something that has nothing to do with the above...

And this is a picture my friend Jack just sent me. It's from a Washington Post article (I'll see if I can link to that site..). The fellow in the pic is Dave Megerle who taught me and some others out here the safe way to climb mountains. Dave is an amazing climber, and for many years now has used his skills to do things like what is illustrated here. Jack will never forget the rappel (or abseil...) we set up for him years ago one New Years morning bout 25+  years ago. I was watching the news yesterday, and lo and behold there is Dave, setting up for the inspection team that is checking out damage to the Washington monument caused by the recent earth quake back East.

Can't figure out the link-thingy....if you Google Dave Megerle...Washington Post...Washington monument...all kinds of stuff will come up about the project.    More Triumph stuff later.

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