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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DirtQuake USA 2016...Part Two...

Back tracking a bit...(still fighting that "Bully" photo application that is trying to make my life miserable... day before taking off for Washington state I had to perform a clutch swap on my little Honda...fortunately I had a donor parts engine that was seized up, but contained a practically new clutch assembly to replace the rusted up one in the bike.

For a moment or two while still in Oregon looking for that State Park, we were a bit lost. After seeing a giant Golden Eagle and many deer...and driving past more Christmas tree farms than we knew existed....we came to "Triumph Corners", where as our friend "The Interplanetary recluse" pointed out..(in another part of the web...).any turn was a winner.

Not a the "Bully" program that came with my current computer, I mentioned a few times in the previous post. I think the answer will be buying a new digital camera (which I was due for anyway...) and installing the photo  program that comes with it...anything has to be better than what I'm dealing with here...enough of that....let's see where it will let me go from here.

I may have posted this already....a shot of the Cowlitz river that passes near the race track at Castle Rock.

On a morning hike along the river the morning after we arrived, came across a sign (could of sworn I'd snapped a pic of it...oh well.) that said that the area was in the process of being restored to a more natural state. When Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, it sent all kinds of debris down this waterway. There were huge log jams, and tons of ash, and mud. Gary of Sideburn Magazine said that even the race track was enveloped in the mess. Engineers have been dredging the river of debris for years, and dumping it upon an area that was once a beautiful natural area. They are now working on restoring these natural areas. I was unaware of the history of the effect of  the St Helen's eruption on the local area the first time I came through 2 years ago at the first DirtQuake US. 

There are lots of Hollyhocks along the river trail..(my new favorite flower)

While hiking along the trails I noticed what look like bike tracks, and eventually we came across an area where river dredging debris had been dumped in hills and mounds, one area looking like a crater full of ashy sand, or was it sandy ash? Knobby tire prints all around, so evidently it appeared to be ok to ride in this area. So after taking care of a few little jobs left on the bike, I spent some time dirt biking and "race-tuning" the bike for it's track time. This part of Oregon reminds me of Northern California 40 years ago...when no one cared about kids on dirt bikes....

Decorated the bike with some Toria Jaymes stickers, she is the artist that did the artwork for posters and shirts for this event. Brightened up the drab flat black paint...

Rode the bike around over a few days to charge up the new was running really well...not bad for what was a fifty dollar parts bike. One area that was a bit concerning was the suspension...ended up putting a couple equal length sockets in the fork tubes... with some oil, which stiffened that end up. All we could do with the rear was jack the preload on the rear shocks to the stiffest setting, which actually made a big improvement....  bike was ready, wasn't so sure about myself at that point.  It was good to get out on the trails with it, and slip and slide around a bit. The old reflexes were still there it seemed...even did some wheelies...haha!

With futzing around with the clutchpack before we left California, I didn't get around to welding up a "steel shoe" or "hot shoe" for my left matter with the low power of this bike getting too sideways on the track probably wasn't going to be a problem.

Another water fall video, since I've now located them and have figured out how to post them...maybe?

Castle Rock Raceway is a quarter mile track...not quite as intimidating as a mile or half mile track...but the pros manage to get enough speed up with their higher powered bikes. My biggest fear wasn't the speed I might attain, or even sliding was the fear of getting hit by another rider. I had motocross armor...a full face helmet, and motocross boots. After playing around on the river trails I felt better about attempting the race. I had actually played around on this track two years ago with the same bike. Other than that, it has probably been close to 20 years since I'd gotten sideways on bigger more powerful dirtbikes.

Another track side be honest I didn't take a lot of photos...being busy with my bike and all.

This fellow who goes by the handle "Buck Harness", was one of my competitors in the "Inappropiate Streetbike class". A 60 cc Yamaha moped you say....sure, with a 125 cc motocross motor stuffed in the engine bay...He worked hard to get it going, even replacing the crank seals in the campgrounds, and tried to get the jetting sorted with what he had available. I believe he made it through the practice and first rounds of eliminations, only to seize up in the second round...oh well, he had fun trying. 

Some pictures of some of the more serious race bikes and pro bikes follow..............

A nice Triumph

Don't F up, again it says....

XR 750

A serious looking Triumph

My Crewchief Rick, checking out some "Hooligan class" racers...a Sportster , and one of the new water cooled 750 Harleys.

A better view of the Harley XG 750 Street based flattracker. Its water cooled and has over head cams and four valve heads. Harley is now developing them for racing.

 2 more Sportster based Hooligan racers.

The Roland Sand's Indian Scouts, again. Indian is going to produce a racing version of this motor.

Found out I'd be racing against this KTM.... a two wheel drive version, with some wild graphics. (yes I was passed by this one as it lapped me...) all for fun now...

Think we'll go out with a video ....and call this the end of Part back with a third and final installment for this post. This may or not be some Pro 450 class racers, I believe that is what it is. Gives you an idea of how quickly they get around a quarter mile track.

Oh yes, I have a link to Sideburn Magazines sideblog, over there to the right side of your screen....over there on it, Gary just posted some pics of he Chopper class race, and has posted many other pics from the event....



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