Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dirtquake US number 3 is in 9 days!!

The plan is....not to panic, at least not just yet...a lot of stuff to get ready by the 13th...when we plan on leaving. We, being my good friend Rick Willis...who is crazy enough to do it again. He was my mechanic 2 years ago at the first DirtQuake US. He was ready to go last year as well, but due to circumstances beyond any control...

Flashing back two years, here is Rick looking fit and ready to join me in an adventure to Washington State with a borrowed pick up truck...and a not quite yet finished bike...

There is a lot of beautiful country to see on the way. Our plan this year, is to get 45 miles past Albany, Oregon....where we stopped 2 years ago...and camp at a park that has the "14 waterfalls trail", and hike that. 

When we do get into Washington State, I want to look up this gentleman, and insist he have dinner on us...for all the kindness he extended us. Half an hour after meeting him at a local corner gas-groceries-and gun store...he came by the track where we were trying to work on the bike...and invited us up to his place nearby...and extended the use of his shop and tools. He is a local racer and was racing one of his bikes in the real racing that went on the day before our amateur fun racing. 

Need to get back here and figure out how to post a link to the Post from two years ago....or not.

Rick Burchett is the gentleman's name. Turned out he's an old friend of the Halbert family. Sammy Halbert is my favorite racer on the Pro flat track circuit. 

Yeah...still have a few details to attend to on the Honda SL 100...this year in the "Inappropiate street bike, Class". Also need to cobble a "Hotshoe" together. Save some wear and tear on my left boot.

Oh yeah, and remember to pack shaving I don't end up looking like an old Hipster...
maybe next post...some pics of my "shoe" welding attempt.

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