Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four Horsemen...well, actually two...

Met Mr. Big and Skully of the 4 Horsemen MC, out of Richmond California. This is at the Westly rest stop on Interstate 5. Had an interesting and amusing chat about motorcycles...and the effect of aging on the frequency of rest stops. Have been making the Sacramento to Monterey back to Sacramento run quite a bit lately.  As summer has progressed  the good weather is bringing out the bikes, and have been seeing an interesting variety of bikes on the road.

This is Manuel and his Triumph Daytona. He lives in Castroville where my mother lives. He has ridden it on track days at the La Guna Seca raceway.

Emptied the phone of miscellaneous  pics,
now for some odds and ends....

Back in Sacramento at the Starbuck's coffee shop is friend Michael's XR 1000, with  Zard exhaust...made in Italy.

New friend Andrea, with his Honda. (Italian by birth, American by choice...says he.)

A shot of me on the XR 200R
(it started raining)

A rusty, but surviving Puch moped 

Friend Denis's Royal Enfield with twittering Gold Star pattern muffler...

Always a favorite of mine , the 1908 Casa de Fruta.

Cloudy skies and rainy days have given way to blue skies and 100 degree F...and higher days. This is a recent pic from about 2 weeks ago...

Actually getting some tomatoes, and thinking about planting more.

Picked up a couple pairs of Moto boots, and a small magnetic tank bag.. at a thrift store... in near new add to my collection.

Aliens, they really are everywhere..... (an old Model A Ford farm truck at Casa de interesting pit stop/ fruit stand in the hills between Sacramento and Monterey...just before Hollister...)

Not an alien, just Chanel...the service dog pit bull...that loves people.

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