Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sacramento Mile 2016 (part 2)

And a few pics I managed to snap on the phone...
out in the motorcycle parking area was this Mert Lawwill Streettracker.

After threatening rain all ended up being perfect and rain free. No sunburn this year.

Shot of the winners podium. Bryan Smith's sixth consecutive win at the Sacramento Mile.

Scene in the tech tent post race...

A couple of Kawasakis of #42 Smith...

After the races in Sammy Halberts Paddock or Pit...
Sammy is the current points leader. He was having problems with the Kawasaki he raced at the Mile...but gave it his best and came in eighth place. Sammy is always smiling and is a very gracious fellow and is always happy to talk with the fans.

A blurred shot of Willy Halbert, Sammy's dad. Sammy's Harley XR under covers for this race. Willy, is also most friendly and willing to talk to old guys like me, and give advice to old amateur racers.

Sam's Kawasaki, still warm after racing the Main. He has been running number 69 instead of his regular number 7, in memory of his older brother who he lost last year.

A close up of his Kawasaki shows the abrasive nature of the track, leaving a mixture of dirt and rubber on the bike.

And a few more random shots from after the races....

Looking  back at the Grandstand...

A Speedway machine on display

Also on display, a Cushman 2

Built pretty much as the original, with a variable speed belt driven transmission...but this time powered with an overhead cam single cylinder motor built by Subaru. Bike built in Gardena California.

and a good time was had by back with some stuff about my upcoming amateurish racing and other projects new and old.

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