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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Vintage Mile at Cal Expo ( Part Two )

A Yamaha single....there were a lot of Yamaha singles and twins..

Came back and added some more bike pics to look at. Just going to say that it was a lot of fun to hang out on the 'inside' of the to see some 'old' friends, and meet some new ones. Who knows maybe next time I might be on the track myself. Been inspired to scratch an itch and get some of my vintage bikes together. It was pretty cool to see Gary, Dimitri, and Julian having a go at the 'Mile' track here at Cal-Expo. 

Might even get back to an unfinished post on some Classic Japanese bikes. Will be posting updates on my various projects stay tuned.

An old Indian


Yamaha that Gary Inman borrowed to race.

A Yamaha single and a Yamaha twin


The other side of those Yamahas

Pit bike

Street bike turned flat tracker


Line up for a race


Dimitri (in white jacket) and Julian ( in black helmet ) in the line up for a track session.

Yamaha V-twin

Another Yamaha V-twin

A very sharp looking Yamaha single


Dimitri Coste's reaction to getting sideways on turn 2 at the Sacramento Mile...wauuuuuuuughhhh!!!

Sideburn editor Gary Inman getting a good start , with a
Triumph rider getting a wheelie behind him.


Pit tractor...

The Yamaha that was loaned to Gary.

Gary's host's pit area...

And more Yamahas

Bikes lining up ...

Sideburn sticker of Guy Martin

Dimitri working on his Triumph TR6

Motocross turned Flattrack bikes.

Harley Davidson XR 750

Yamaha twin



Yamaha twin


Race Fuel

Good luck charm on Julian's 500  Triumph

Dimitri and Julian's Triumphs, and a Yamaha with the Cal-Expo Grandstand in the background

Gary (#74 ) ready to go.

Think we will end this post with a 'Co-Built' sticker spotted on the back of the Deus Ex Machina van...I'm curious to see if the two short video clips that were laboriously uploaded via the phone have really 'taken'. If they worked...I just might get back here and upload some more...

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