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Pete and Laz
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Bought a bike...

a 1986 Honda XR 200R 

A quick little posting before I get around to posting some other pending posts...

Bought a small 'Dual Sport" bike of sorts. Been thinking about getting a newer (for me anyway) off-road machine for awhile. This one caught my eye, especially since it is street legal. I have been toying with the idea of entering the 450 mile desert classic known as L.A-Barstow to Vegas. At one time this was a race, now as I understand it, it is more of a 'tour'...with hotel stops and support vehicles to haul your gear bags. 

Travis Newbold and Mike Ranum, great guys I met at the first DirtQuake US, (Sideburn magazine event held at real race tracks...and a whole lot of fun), did this together last year...and are going to do it again this year. Travis is building a bike for his wife to ride, and a bunch of their friends are going as well. Travis was busy setting records at the Pikes Peak hill climb this year and didn't make it to DirtQuakeUS this time...myself and Mike didn't either...( and I had an entry all set and won't even go into why it didn't happen..suffice it to say I'm really looking forward to this. ) 

I'm going to set up a link to Travis Newbold's blog, so you can go read about his experiences...bitter and sweet, on the mountain. Travis Newbold's blog <------- Click here

and possibly set up a link as well to some info on the L.A-Barstow to Vegas event. LA/Barstow/Vegas 2015 <----------Click here

And speaking of Dirtquake, Dirtquake 4 in the UK is about to check out the Sideburn blog, link over there, in my list of blogs .     Guy Martin is bringing in a "Wall of Death"...sounds like good times.

The XR 200 is home...we survived a 15 mile trip on knobby
tires on the street I have till Thanksgiving weekend in make it desert ready. 

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