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Pete and Laz
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year...(close enough...)

Hope everyone had a good holidays...and are ready for a new year, hopefully filled with cool projects. Myself, had some time off from a little time to play. Some time to get better organized.

Time to reminisce, take stock, order stock, darn the stockings, check the lists....throw them out, and make new lists. Look back, look forward.....make silly promises to break. Time for new hobbies? Or just re-cycle the old ones?

insert picture of latest progress on latest project here:

The SL 350 project as it looked in the summer.

Just before dark tonight, I dragged the 350 out and washed the dust off of it to get some progress pics.

Went for some 'superbike' bend bars...lowish, but wide enough for me monkey arms...

Trying out a 'Rickmanesque' fibreglass seems to work with the shape of the stock alloy rear... 

Kinda like the look without instruments...but will probably mount some,with an idea or two stolen from Tim Bailey...

These alloy light brackets were off of my old Cafe 500 four Honda, from back in the 70's...

The new 'Hipster' exhaust mounting location...gotta keep up with the kids...
Just kidding there...This is one of those Empi stingers you've seen sticking in the air behind Baja Bugs. Bought this one at a VW performance place years ago with the idea of trying it on a bike. It has a glass-wrapped baffle. And yes, that is a squashed dixie cup supporting the rear mud gaurd....or fender...funny, I was at the BSA group on Facebook earlier today...and it was 'slam the Yank' time over my use of 'merican teminology...all in good fun.

insert pics of future projects here:

Couple of Hondas that need some work...Both 1978's. A 'plastic maggot' CX 500, and a CB 550 Four. And now that I think about it...the Ford Ranger pick up is another project...

And then there is this little Ninja Kawa dude...that's been sitting under a tarp... Yep, plenty of projects to catch up on...

what about that frame table?

ah yeah, the frame table....still on the drawing board. Want to have a look at the table the Brother's Busch of neighboring Nevada state built. There is an article in 'Ironhorse' magazine. Been looking at a lot of different designs. I'd like to get this project right the first time, so don't mind putting in some research time. There is a link to the brothers blog in the list of blogs over to the right ------------------------------------------->and down.......................................and they post at Instagram as Buschandbusch.

As long as we are plugging Instagram....that wild French DJ, OliviaBanana now goes as 'desperatebeatnik' on Instagram. This is a tie in with her line of Jewelry.

what's going on with that wee Cub?

I did get the engine taken to bits, and it sits in boxes waiting for further inspection and cleaning. At present the plan is to go ahead and build a 'pre-65' trials bike, and hopefully enter a trials or two with it. At the very least get out and have some fun with it.

Sooooo....have a good New Years, catch you in the new one....Hit the 'Publish' button:


  1. blimey larry, you certainly have enough to keep you busy over the winter months with that lot! best wishes and a happy new year to you and your's mate and thanks for chipping in with stuff, really appreciate it, tim.

    1. It's the least Herm and I can do...making fun with your Jammies and big-foot shoes...

  2. I expect all these projects finished by 2015. Heh, heh. The 350 is looking nice.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Wow Laz, the SL is looking wonderful, all the touches working in perfectly, overwhelming amount of stuff to soak up, awesome . . . all the very best for the New Year mate, hope it's everything you want it to be, cheers.