Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A visit to The Vintage Monkey

Talked my friend Jack into visiting 'The Vintage Monkey', this evening. Told him he'd get to see a Triumph 250 like the one he rode in San Francisco in the '70's. 

Shasta Smith, the best looking 'wrench' probably on either side of the mighty Mississippi...  

CB 550
Tom, probably has the coolest hair either side of the great muddy...and quite a welder and sculptor...they were both very congenial hosts, and it was great to talk bikes with them.

A very nicely done Triumph 250 (okay, a re-badged BSA...)

Shasta's  daily driver Honda 175

Nice custom touches on the 175 tank.

They have a very neat and organized shop, with a really nice retail/display area. The plan for the coming year is to develop the store side, and do some shows. Was hoping the race CB 350 that they sponsor would be there..maybe next time.

Here is a link to the web site------------->


  1. Nice stuff Laz, can't get enough of mid sized Hondas and wee Trumpy's. Quite like Shasta too . . . either side of the mighty Miss.

  2. Yeah, been having fun playing with the little 350. Been itching to get to work on some of the old dirt bikes, one in particular a '71 SL 100 that my brother and I originally built in the 70's. It's all apart waiting. This one was set up for amateur racing....three quarter race cam, custom big bore'll be fun to get it going again. I'd like to set it up for flat tracking.