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Pete and Laz
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passing through Hollister...again

While at a local tire shop getting new rubber for my Toyota in preparation for a trip down to the Monterey area, this interesting rig pulled in.

It's a six cylinder Honda Valkyrie with a Champion sidecar. 

Talked to the owner about it for awhile. He was in for a new sidecar tire. He said it made about a hundred horsepower and easily pulled the trailer he has for it.

Meanwhile in Hollister 1947....

An alternate 'take'...

Some real 1947 bikers...probably about my parent's age...

A picture that was said to have served as a model for characters and the 'look' presented in "The Wild One"

The model for 'Johnny's trophy'...?

The reason for the trip to the coast was to join my sister's family and my mother to celebrate my nephew Wes's birthday at his house in Hollister. I've been driving through or by Hollister for close to twenty years. Everyone's familiar with the 'Hollister riot' of 1947, and it's leading to the Brando/Marvin movie 'The Wild One'.
My nephew has the dream job, in charge of flora and fauna and trails at Hollister Off Highway vehicle park. A job where they provide the motorcycles and four-wheelers. Being about to re-enter the world of dirt bikes and trying my hand at some trials riding and flat tracking...I'll probably  be spending more time in Hollister. Sacramento has the "Prairie City Off Highway vehicle area...but it doesn't hold a candle to Hollister. I'll probably be posting on a trip to the parks in the Fall.

Here is a link to-------------------->Hollister riot

Here is a link to-------------------->The Wild One

Be back with a few pics I snapped in beautiful downtown Hollister....


  1. Always liked the Valkyrie, a big burly bike that wasn't trying to look like a Harley.
    Sidecar rig, Trailer? Who needs a camper?

    Steinbeck Country. I've read and re-read Steinbeck's books, "East of Eden" is second only to The Gospels to me, and figured the title of your blog was an homage to one of Steinbeck's last works.

  2. I dig Steinbeck mother lives just over from Salinas where they have a cool Steinbeck museum, complete with the Chevy truck/camper that he and Charlie traveled the country in...My blog title is a nod to that... I love that part of California, and if I can swing it, wouldn't mind settling down out there some day...
    Yeah, that Valkyrie looks like it could haul the freight.

    1. If I'm not mistaken, it was somewhere up near Salinas where Bobby McGee slipped away.

      Always wanted to check out the area.

  3. Who'd have thunk 'that' shot could've been staged . . . first became aware of it reading Harry Sucher's Harley history back in the late eighties, media, what a joke. Wish I'd spent more time around that neck of the woods than LA when I was there mate, hopefully will do in the next few years. As Herm said, the big Val and the Aspencades, gotta love em, no aping the Harley thing and supremely reliable, powerful beasts perfect for the long haul . . . as for Steinbeck, one of my most loved authors, had a brink in the bar he 'allegedly' hung out at in TJ . . . give my regards to Mr McGee guys, I still prefer Kristofferson's to the more popular Joplin cover. Cheers Laz.

    1. These days it seems there is enough real violence and other 'news-worthy' events taking place, there shouldn't be any need to stage any...Yeah, Steinbeck Country, the Santa Cruz mountains, lots of Californee I'd like to spend time exploring. You and Hermit have given me an idea for a musical addition to the next blog post....