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Pete and Laz
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Friday, August 16, 2013

A little more, Quiet Sunday Hollister....

Next to 'Johnny's Bar and Grill, we have 'Honorable Tatoo'

In the window a 'sample sheet'. Don't sport any 'tats' myself...but find a lot of the artwork interesting.

Also in the window this nice piece of artwork...

In the window of a clothing store across the street was a really old Schwinn bike, fitted with a chinese clip on motor that had been aged to give it some patina to match the rest of the bike...

While looking up Hollister stuff, kept running into a 'Hollister' brand clothing outfit. It was just a bit annoying...

Another corner of 'Old Hollister', Fifth and San Benito

And another... Fourth and San Benito

The Granada Theater

'Granada', like 'Alhambra' is a popular name for theaters in America. There are, or were... I should say...a lot of 'Thunderbird' drive-in movie theaters,as well...

Masonic Temple...Fourth and San Benito

The building I mentioned in previous post that had been restored after the 1989 quake. The bricks are looking good, but the paint could use some help. This building as many on this block, looked like they were between occupants. A commentary on the times and economy...

Renovators Supply is a big outfit back East that supplies lots of neat old replica building hardware...

This shop looked like it was still going...since '51. (Good to see stuff older than me...)

Louie, the 'old fella' I met at the Saloon, tells me the 'Vault' used to be an old Bank of America. It's now an events place and dance floor.

'The Original' Hollister-California, it says. Take that all ye imposters!! (Wondering if this was aimed at the 'Hollister' branded clothing outfit...?)

Next time through Hollister in a few weeks, I'll visit the nearby Corbin seat factory and grab a few shots. Been a few years since I stopped there. He has a few old bikes and stuff in his show room. Can't remember exactly how many years ago they completed the bypass of Hollister on the road to Monterey. I used to stop in  Hollister a lot. Now that my nephews living in town, I'll probably be hanging out in Hollister more. Also going to be spending time at the Off-Highway vehicle park in the hills here. It was good to see that a lot of the old town is pretty much the same as it's been for years. There is a huge new State Courthouse going up, but at least it's away from the old Downtown. So, just warning you, probably more Hollister related postings in the works...

Local motorcycle stuff coming up...some progress being made in that department.


  1. More excellence Laz, real windows to your world mate, only grows my envy and desire to get back over there . . . the Hollister clothing schtick, just like the Von Dutch thing, fashion victims without a clue as to the origins of what they're wearing, everything becomes just another fucking commodity, pathetic and sad. Have a great weekend buddy.

  2. That's what's nice about blogs...get to see what is going on in other time and climate zones....and sometimes the 'twilight zone'...have a good one yourself mate!