Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Sacramento Mile 2012

Here's a video clip.....
Be back with pictures and a few more video clips...

Last years winner Bryan Smith took the main event Shayna Texter beat the boys in the Pro Singles race.

Click here for more info----->Winners

There were a few changes from last years race. They had an 'open paddock' before the race as well as after the races were done. I showed up early enough to get into the pits and get some pics.

Walk up to the stadium entrance

Just inside the entrance my greeting committee was waiting for me...

Slammin' Sammy and Jethro Halberts pit tent

 Sammy, signing my entry ticket.
One of the nicest guys you could meet and an amazing rider.

Number 7, Sammy's bikes.

I took nearly 200 pictures and a few videos as well. It's going to take me awhile to peruse them and decide what and how to present here, So, I'll probably end up breaking this post into several parts. The rest of the pictures are of the pit area before the races.

This Royal Enfield was in the dealer and vender area indoors. It will be racing today, which is Sunday in the Vintage races.

This looks like a good point to finish "Part One"...Be back later with more....


  1. Looking good HL.....would like to see at least flat/dirt track race if I can.

    May have to head outta town one Sunday to check out this one place that does motocross.

    1. Hey Bodger, The Santa Rosa Mile is back as well here in Calif. September 30th. I might try to catch that one. Pretty sure there is some Flat track action going on somewhere in Texas. Course, like California it's a big state and you might have to travel quite a bit. There were quite a few legends in attendance here, I think I saw big Eddie Mulder walking around. Spent most of time in the pits or near the track in the "cheap seats"...