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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sculpture PART TWO

And from 2012, we go back further in California history to the Gold Rush Era.

Looking back at part one of this little blog post, I've decided to put down some words before adding pictures. Been having some probs with this "New" dashboard here at "Blogger", but think I'm getting the hang of it again. From what I hear, I'm not the only one, so will take some consolation from that. From further research on the web, it seems that the tidal flat sculptures have been going on since the 50's even. My first experiences with them date to the sixties. I imagine something of the sort has been going on since humans have started inhabiting the area. Have read that during the gold rush of the 1840's, San Francisco became littered with ships that were abandoned there. I imagine a graveyard of rotting ships, looking like bizarre sculptures floating in the bay. Evidently once the passengers headed off to the "gold fields", sometimes the Captains and crew would jump ship and pursue the dream of riches. Unfortunately very few found riches. A lot of these ships lay buried under modern San Francisco streets.buried ships of San Francisco<------click over there.   Here in Sacramento is the rebuilt old "Sutter's Fort" that dates back to the time of gold discovery at Sutter's Mill, by James Marshall. Sutter's Fort <-------click over there.  John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant and early settler of California formed "New Helvetia" from a land grant from the Mexican government. Click here for part of the story in his own words----> his own words...

 Early photo of San Francisco with "Graveyard " of ships
from all over the world.

The gold seekers were known as "Argonauts". I work with a couple of modern day "Argonauts". With the recent fantastic upsurge in gold prices, there is a new "Gold Rush". People are revisiting old sites, looking for those riches once more. This time with modern equipment. and  sometimes with just as much fever...  For a look at the "Argonauts" of yesterday go to this excellent history site, and then scroll down to "The Argonauts (49'ers). click over there-------->The Argonauts(49'ers)

Back to the present and the Sculptures. After looking up the artist and reading about some of the reactions to the art, it prompted me to do more research. Fell down one of those rabbit holes on the web, but found  a bunch of new sites I'll be re-visiting. It's kind of sad how little real California history got taught in the schools when I was a kid, maybe it's better now....?

The artist who created the bike/pedestrian bridge sculptures known as "The Berkeley Big People"

This is a link to Scott Donahue's site------------>Scott Donahue

This is a link to a wikipedia page on Berkeley------------>..."third most liberal city in the US"...

And a link to a site about Emeryville------------>...Emeryville...

And now some pics I took recently...and then some more links from my trip down the rabbit hole, which will
be in Part Three of this post.

Berkeley side of Freeway 80, a nice freshwater lake or lagoon...?

Kayak and canoe rentals, have to see if I can launch my own craft here.

These were all shot from the walkway up to the Bike/pedestrian way.

Walking up to "Big People" on the Berkeley side. The "Protestors"...

Not everyone is protesting in this group, some are engaged in scholarly pursuits. Berkeley is known for  
research as well.

Didn't know it at the time, but this bit of graffiti has a tie-in with some on the Emeryville side.

A motorcycle helmeted Saxaphonist, bikes over to Emeryville...

Looking South towards Emeryville/Oakland. Lake to the left, Ocean Bay to right.
Freeway traffic light and flowing for a change. I usually catch it at it's worst, when it seems no one knows 
which lane they should be in...

Walking up to the Sculpture on the Emeryville side, "The Recreationists...?"

Dog catching frisbee, kite flyers...

And "birders" watching birds...

Until I saw them up close, I was guessing from the freeway...

On the walkway Emeryville side, that ties in with graffiti on the Berkeley side.

Thinking this is a good point to end "Part 2", will be back with what I found on the Emeryville side. 
Was expecting a park of some sort...?

If you happen to look at this post, let me know if you have any problems with the links, Thanks.


  1. Those are really interesting sculptures, not only very artistic, but also tell a story. Links work fine.

  2. Thanks Norman, they seemed to work o.k. when I tested them from here. A few times at other sites I've had problems with links. Must be getting the hang of it.