Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sacramento Mile...

...will be here in a week. July 28 at Cal Expo.

Chris Carr

Saw retired Chris Carr racing a year ago at Cal Expo. Here are some links.

Click here for----->Race info
Click here for----->Ticket info
Click here for---->Calif. State Fair info
Click here for----->More info

I haven't figured out how to do links to my own stuff here, but if you care to see some pics and little vid clips from a year ago...look it up over to the right...August posts. Hope to get some good pics this time.

Here's those links for you Bodger:
                             Click here------>Jim Rice/AMA Hall of Fame
                             Click here------>On any Sunday reunion report

I've got to work a little harder to link that "youtube" link, did it once before....
Think we figured it out again...


  1. HL, do any of the Big Names make an appearance in the pits; names like Dick Mann, Jim Rice, etc?

  2. Wouldn't surprise me to see them at the "Mile". I have run into Dick Mann at swap meets and shows. I believe he is still based out of Nevada,only one state over. According to a quick look it looks like Jim Rice still lives in Northern Calif., so I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. Just watched "On Any Sunday" again for the umteenth time, with the hugh crash of Jim Rice. Check back later I'll add some links to some Houston Astrodome race footage with Jim Rice and others. Also some other related links I found that might be of interest One is about a recent reunion of riders from "On Any Sunday" at a charity event. So now I know what Jim Rice looks like these days and might recognize him.

  3. to wondering after seeing that John "Mooneyes" Copper and Agostini were at a meet in England, Mallory post-TT I think, plus others at different shows as Guest of Honor, etc.

    1. Took me a while to re-figure things out...but got the links and the youtube to post. The Astrodome vid is from early seventies, no sound. If you go to the hall of Fame site Rice talks about racing BSA twins and triples as well.