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Pete and Laz
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sacramento Mile...Part 3

 Meanwhile, back at the fair...

You have your candied apples, cotton candy, corn dogs, sno-cones...

Your deep-fried kool-aid??!!??

Your JUMBO corn dogs...

And for Mrs.BC and GBC we have mamas and new borns...


Your colorful whirling Strawberry ride...

Your multi -colored and whirling whatcha-ma-callit...

And one of these, of course...

Monday, while driving between Monterey and Oakland, I spy this ahead of me- and snap a couple of cel-phone pics. It's known as a Berry-go-round. And portable I might add...


Hard to miss these Day-Glo wheels...

Hard to miss Chris Carr in his red outfit, fellas? Talking about the racer in the red...never mind...

A purpose-built new Bonneville flat tracker. for more info.

Dash for cash...

A replay of the start of the "Mile"...

Zoom zoom, again...

The rest of the pics were taken after the races were over, and the fans were invited to go into the pits and have a close up look at bikes still warm from the race....very cool.

Next year I'll bring better photo gear for better action shots. It's good to see the "Mile" back in Sacramento.

Chris Carr interviewed on the podium.

Champagne is spraying...

10:00 fireworks signal the end of the race , and the end of the 2011 California State Fair.

Fans moving around the pits...

Slammin' Sammy Halbert

An Aussie with two American fans...

"Looking for adventure..."

This pic of a Yamaha, taken outside the stadium before the race.

New Bonneville based racers and street trackers.

I believe the man said 26 large bills (American), They'll build you a provide the base bike of course. Nice street tracker.

Then it's time to load them up, and hit the road to Oregon.


  1. Yeah...I wanted to post this, this morning, but only managed to delete the entire had to do it up from scratch. So-not as much titling as I originally had, but it's here...fortunately all the pics I had uploaded were still in the blog album. I think I'll go make a cuppa and relax...hope you enjoy the pics.

  2. Yep I did...Great pics, kinda makes me wish we had flat track racing here...but I don't think enough interest TBH.

    Deep fired Kool--aid???? I was skeptical about the Deep fried Mars (Milky Way) bars of Scotland and deep fried ice cream in Okinawa, but seriously???

  3. I've got a bit of interest in flat tracking, but the same as Bodger, they don't do any up where I am. There are a few Speedway tracks around here and it would be good to see a couple of short track races at them. Might take a trip down south to watch a few races as theres seems to be a fair bit of racing going on there.
    Thanks for the report/ pics/ vids Larry :-)
    Noticed the Funnel cake van, its been a few years since I've had one, on my list of to do's for next trip along with a trip to a Flat track meeting.....


  4. Off work today, been poking around the web...There is a site called, that has links to a lot of flattrack info. There is a track in Waco with a half-mile clay track. There is a link to a You Tube vid, "Flat Track Motorcycle Racing Action@ Waco, Texas 1/2 mile".Watch for the incredible save by #57. Some skilled riding going on. In Tyler TX. there is the Texas Dirt Motorplex..."Motorcycles,quads,and Hot Rod lawnmowers". And the Texoma Motor Speedway in Wichita Falls TX. And there was a mention of a new Flat Track in Bullard TX. Might just be cars and quads there. Don't know if any of those are close to you Bodger, also ran into stuff on forums about people looking for places to flattrack race in Texas.
    Kawa, the only thing I found in Scotland was the "Auld Reekie Roller Girls all female"Flattrack" roller derby, alas- no piccies there...

  5. Cool Larry, I'll check out the Flattrack site...most of those are several hours away from SA, for the most aprt in north Tex-ass. I'll have a look see for anything possibly local.

    There is a MotoCross/Scrambles track about 30-40 miles from where I live now. At the old Casa it was about 15-20 miles. Have races there on Sundays and I think on Saturdays.

    Will have to have a drive over there one Sunday. Thinkking aboot heading over to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum next weekend when I'm off. haven't been in a looooooong time.

    Need to get away from here for a few hours aat least.

  6. Great photos! I've always loved the flattrack 'look'. And to see a Ducati! Wow!

  7. Hi Larry
    Are you on Facebook by any chance? Also I should get you email someday.
    Also I noticed now that I am back at home and use google chrome I can stay logged in on blogger and post comments, try chrome.
    Cool pics BTW
    Cheers Mat

  8. Hey Mat I've went onto google chrome and things are working great now


  9. Hey ya Mat, I've been using the "Chrome", and it seems to be working pretty good. I'll get my e-mail to you.
    As far as Facebook....I've sworn it'll never happen,and so far it hasn't. I spend too much time on the web already. A friend of mine says she has 2000 unopened E-mails there. Anyway, there is already a "Hairy Larry" there...and I got enough confusion in my life without getting mistaken for him.
    As soon as I figure how I'll link yours, and a bunch of other's blogs here at mine.
    Look forward to seeing your posts from down under. Cheers

  10. Larry never say never, I said that about FB, but nearly a year ago it happened, and its turned out fairly good for me, just don't let it take over, lol