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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sacramento Mile, Part 2

Since it takes so long to load pictures,I'll be having a part three to this as well. Next time I'll be uploading on a much quicker line. Also having a devil of a time making pics stay put. Lot's to learn about this blogging stuff.
Looking towards the main grandstand at Cal-Expo.
Nice sunny day, not too hot . Near start line looking over to the pit lane.

This is a man I met by the name of Bob Carlson. He's a Korean War veteran, and used to race motorcycles. He had a pic in his wallet of the Harley Davidson flathead racer he rode in the 1950's. Sorry the pic didn't come out so clear. Talked to him for a bit before the races started. He raced at the Catalina Islands (where racing has recently resumed), as well as many other places. 

Bikes in the pit area pre-race.


Getting ready to go.

Bikes lining up...

All lined up...

For the opening ceremonies.

Flag girls.

Smiling for the race fans.

Ready to race.

View of "turn 1".

Racing through turn number one.

More turn one.

Big screen...

It really is tedious waiting for these little videos to upload, the quality of the vids is poor as well...but at least you get to hear the lovely sounds the bikes make . And you can get a sense of the speeds they are going as they circulate the one mile track. This is probably as good a place as any to end this post. Coming up , part three of "The Mile". More pics and vids, and lots of pics in the pits after the race. Pics of the various bikes involved, even a Ducati flattracker.


  1. Nice looking flag girls....very nice!

  2. More of the gals in part three, hey, there are some motorcycles there too, Bodger...

  3. Oh...sorry...was looking at the flag girls, got distracted ;)