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Pete and Laz
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tower Records Sacramento

Tower Theater building that housed the drug store that Tower records got it's start in.
 Shot of Tower Records on Broadway-Going out of business sale.
 For awhile Tower became "R5"
 Now it is Dimple Records, at least they didn't paint over the cool murals.
 A shot of the old neon sign that was restored and returned to the theater building where the first record store within the drug store  was. Looks like the neon could use some work...
Right about here was where I was gonna add the snazzy "movie" I made with a Windows program on my lil' puter....but Blogger doesn't seem to recognize it as a looks like I get to upload stills instead. Anyway this hasn't a lot to do with motorcycles, but is a look at an old local business that has gone by the wayside. I spent way too much time and money at Tower stores, but where else would I have bought my copies of "Classic Bike"to read at the local coffee shop? The Tower name was sold on and is an "on-line" business now. I haven't given up on the "video" yet. It shows the murals on the building...might have a "lo-tech" way to add them...we'll see. Did you have Tower outlets near you?


  1. Try uploading the video to you tube then linking it to the blog. That's how I've gotten mine to work.

  2. Hey, I'll give that a try and see. Guess it's about time I try and do something besides watch youtube.