Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Running like a sewing machine...

...because, it is a sewing machine...haven't done much motorcycle related other than buying parts at a swap meet and from E-bay. This is bike related as it's a heavy duty Singer machine of my mothers that will be sewing up seat covers for some of my projects.

Had to do a clutch repair...the original cork plate had gotten old and brittle and the glue holding it to the metal disc had perished as well. I cut a new cork disc from cork gasket material purchased at an auto parts store. The hardest part of the job was dropping the fairly heavy electric motor loose from it's mountings. After consulting with the Busch brothers of Busch and Busch Hand Crafted, (on Instagram ) as to the best glue to use...decided to go with the old tried and tested "Barge" cement. Lance and Danny Busch are out of Reno can check their blog link out here at this blog and or look them up on Instagram. They are multi talented guys that have tried their hand at many things....and build cars and bikes...and also do  alloy welding and casting, as well as leather work and machining and a bunch of other cool stuff.  I'll post a screen shot of an iron head Sportster they built. 

The new cork glued in place...

My Mum testing out the new clutch surface....success!!

A screen shot from the Busch Brothers Instagram...

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