Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Monday, February 8, 2016

NorCal swap meet...

Some quick shots from the swapmeet yesterday...
A crusty little Harley Davidson 125

An old J.C. Higgins bicycle

Modern version of a Whizzer

Two views of a very old Harley Davidson Sidecar

In the parking lot...a Knucklehead in a modified flathead frame.

A long bike...

A 124 cubic inch custom Trike

Rear view of the trike...

A Denco Kawasaki 750 with Cobra stickers...90plus BHP

Visitor parking..

My haul for the day..a bag with stainless steel exhaust valves for 650 Triumph, center stand for a unit Triumph, air cleaners for Triumph...and a pair of do it yourself stainless megaphone cones from Low-Brow....not a bad little haul...

Went out to the local swap meet with a few friends...Denis Senior and Junior, and Michael. Denis Sr. found a rare S and S racing carb for his Shovelhead project. Denis Jr. found some early K model fork parts and some off road Ceriani fork parts he needed for a project. Mike got a good ride out on his XR 1200. Ran into a bunch of old friends....nice mellow Sunday outing.
I ran into Tom, the fellow who sold me a Triumph Cub a few years back. seems he has sold on most of his stuff, he feels he is still capable of going fast, but as he puts it he's married to a "speed bump" ...(sleeping policeman). She says he can ride trials now he's out looking for parts to build a pre-65 trials Cub. I'm going to build the same thing from the cub he sold me. He'll probably be beating me at that game soon.

Next up... next month, is the Clubmans show and swap at the Santa Clara fairgrounds...San Jose way.


  1. Storm "Imogen" prevented me getting to my local junkfest at Lanark on Sunday. I seldom buy much, it's just an excuse to yak to old friends.

    1. Saw a screenshot of a weather map of Imogen on Instagram...looked big enough to engulf the UK and a few other countries!