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Pete and Laz
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

AJS, Matchless and other British motorcycles at the 2015 BSA Owners Club of Northern California Clubman's Show and Swap (Part One)

Both sides of the !970 Triumph Daytona raffle bike. Tickets for one dollar.

A lot of AJS and Matchless motorcycles packed in there. My thought is that they could spread them out a bit....which would make viewing and picture taking easier...there is certainly enough space in the hall. 

Out in a patio area outside of the main halls....were a lot of interesting parts for sale...and some really nice looking bikes as well.


A 1967 BSA 441 selling for $3000 

A 1962 BSA Goldstar Competion Clubman for $18,500
behind it is a 1950 BSA 500 ZB 33 for $6,800

A 1966 Triumph Bonneville

listed as a 1967-8 Norton P-11 Scrambler  (Norton engine in a Matchless frame)
Price to be established. This one is not entirely stock.

Didn't get the price on this one...but it was billed as an original sixties Chopper with later upgrades..

Another nice Triumph Bonneville...don't recall the price...but it appears to be quite original.

A better shot of the 1950 BSA 500 ZB 33...that was going for $6,800
looks to be very correct...and real nice shape.

Ran into American racer and bike builder Dick Mann, got to continue a conversation about Trials bikes we last had about a dozen or so years ago in Nevada...

                          Inside the exhibit hall was this bike built by Dick Mann in the 80's

Both sides of a Vincent Comet 500 cc engine...forerunner of the Vincent Twin

Tanks at $500.00 a pop....have a good tank for my BSA 441

a sidecar project...already have a few of those

just one of many tables with parts for sale around the halls...

Assorted Chopper goodies...nice tail light

The only thing I purchased, other than 5 tickets to try and win the Triumph Daytona...
it was a dollar...have no idea what motor it's for...some guessed it was out of some kind of old 'hit and miss' motor.

Local San Jose shop, Rabers

A 1941 Matchless G3 WD with manikin decked out in uniform

Matchless Club table

The Ariel Club table

A Triumph Triple ala Craig Vetter

A nice 1977 Triumph Street Tracker

Quite a trip seeing this 1966 Greeves, last time I saw this 1969.. it was in the Wilson's back yard in Rancho Cordova. Rayce Wilson a guy I went to school with was racing a Kawasaki 100 Greenstreak at the time. This was one of his dad's race bikes. After all these years they still own it and have completely restored it.

A 1933 Matchless Siverhawk

Norton Atlas

Norton Commando done in a traditional 'Cafe" style

BSA off road outfit

This is going to be a good place to halt part eyes are going back with more...

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