Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The "Clubmans all British show and swapmeet"/"European and Japanese show and swapmeet" a little teaser...

Here we have 'that 350' ...the one with the Flying Dragon paint job. 

This was a factory produced option. You may have read about this bike in a couple of recent magazine articles.  Got to meet the owner, and author of one of the articles on these paint sets.

And what do you think my one dollar buy is....? A rocker arm obviously, but for what motor?

This 1970 Triumph Daytona was a raffle prize...theoretically someone may have won this for one dollar. It wasn't me...

This evening I'll sit down and post some more pics from both of these shows.....

As I recall Norman over at the "You can't tour with a single" blog.did a post about the "Flying Dragon" paint go over and click on the link for his blog. If I had it more together I'd figure out a way to put a link here...maybe when I get back....I'll look at doing that. 

Well...back...and I think I was mistaken about Norm posting at his blog about this...probably saw it on his Face Book, I've tried 5 times to link an article and failed 5 times...hmmm be back later and see if something else will go...

Motorcycle Classics here-----------> Flying Dragon paint set

 6 times did back with more pics from both shows...will probably split it up two posts.

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  1. Here it is the 12th of April...and still working on those show posts...coming up...probably in three parts...