Pete and Laz

Pete and Laz
Yeah, Pete it's rough...but it's a runner.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's day....

Where did the year go?   Or should I say years...18 years have come and gone since my father succumbed to agent orange related cancer.'s remembering him and so many others...this day.

Sargent's old Army Air Corp patch that was on one of his old B4 bags.
The match book I picked up at a flea market is from Mather Air Force base, where he retired from.  And remembering my Uncle who survived D-Day and is still here and driving!!

Have a good one everyone.


  1. Props to your dad and uncle, Larry. Not too many WWII vets still with us, definitely a survivor.

  2. Big respects and love from over the waves Laz, vale.